So, in our latest edition of Dom patch bitching, I present you:

Are the new Dominion items on PBE actually a joke or a programming mistake?

The setup:

"- More CDR options. Potentially new items, plus a CDR enchant.


- On that note, removed items like Lord Van Damm's Pillager and Wicket Hatchet are coming back in better forms."

The punchline:

Wicked Hatchet item Wicked Hatchet
  • Returned to Twisted Treeline and Dominion.
  • Total cost lowered to 1260.
  • 15 attack damage and 12% crit chance.
  • Unique Passive: Critical strikes causes your target to bleed for an additional 30% bonus AD physical damage over 3 seconds.
Lord Van Damm's Pillager item Lord Van Damm's Pillager
  • Returned to Twisted Treeline and Dominion.
  • Recipe: Wicked Hatchet item Wicked Hatchet + Pickaxe item Pickaxe + Brawler's Gloves item Brawler's Gloves
  • Total cost: Gold 3800
  • 70 attack damage, 25% critical strike chance
  • Unique Passive: +50% critical damage

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week, take my wife.

This is the part where I explain the joke

So basically, they told us they'd add new CDR options to Dominion. Cool. They'd also bring back Van Damm's Pillager, an interesting niche item that gave you Armor Penetration, CDR and Spellvamp, and all that in a better form. And it ended up being a pointless copy of Infinity Edge item Infinity Edge with a more convenient item path, CDR removed from the equation.

Also, it loses the passive from the new Wicked Hatchet when you upgrade it - how weird is that?

So am I the only one thinking that's actually a mistake where some programmer accidentally hit copy and paste? I mean, it's clear they don't want to bring back Van Damm's Pillager as it was and they may yet add some CDR items in the future, but the new version is just lame and pointless.

Extra Bonus

Also, they cut the movement speed from Blackfire Torch in half. So much for Hextech Sweeper's replacement item for squishy mages, that's ruined now too.