Hello everyone. This is my first post here, and i wanted to talk about something that has been bugging me since  patch 4.17 hit the live servers. 

As you could probably guess by the title, I dislike what rito did with Talon's E. I'm not writing this post becuase they removed the silence though. While it is a hit to Talon's assassinations on the rift, my biggest issues with the new cutthroat come from the slow and the fact that they didnt make it able to break channeled abilities like it could with the silence. 

The slow is pretty pointless in all honesty. Sure, its a strong slow, but it last for such a short time that I wonder why Riot even made it a thing. Talon already had a much better slow on rake that it makes the addition of a short slow on cutthroat a very odd choice. Also, no one is going to use Cutthroat for the slow. Now the ability is just for the damage amplification, and the slow will always be overlooked until riot either removes it or extends the duration. 

The lack of channel breaking is also a big issue i've been having since they changed the ability. Unlike the Kassadin silence removal, or even the Viktor one, Talon can no longer stop devistating channels if he cant burst the caster down. Fiddle drain? you just have to run. ADC getting ulted by Malzahar? I hope they bought a quicksilver sash. While i know that aspect of old cutthroat was heavily overlooked, I have actually used it for those purposes on a few occasions. It honestly saddens me that i can no longer do that. 

Again, i am not opposed to the removal of the silence. Even as a talon player before the removal, i still got a little salty over not being able to do anything but auto him while silenced. It was a justified nerf, but still a kick to the grion of talon and those who play him.