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  • AtheistUntoDeath

    Well, this is it. The Finale. Until next fall, this series will be discontinued, so this will be your last chance to get into a debate until September. Or October. Or November. I am fairly fickle in personality. But you didn't come here to listen to me list my personality defects, so lets get on with it!

    As many of you will know, last week I decided to switch up my usual routine and ask my readers to present matchups between Custom champions instead of the usual official ones. While the numbers were relativly few, the enthusiam was clear and I thank all who presented a pair for combat. After careful deliberation, I have chosen those who will do battle for our entertainment. The champions of the 10th Which of these champions would win? serie…

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  • AtheistUntoDeath

    Alright everyone, I have some bad news. As you all know, last week I proposed that the readers of this blog series suggest to me potential duels between custom champions created by players to feature in the 10th episode of this series. I thought this would be a neat way to end it before taking a hiatus of a few months duration. Unfortunately, the the number of custom champion submissions was insufficient for me to do a blog post about it (there was only 1 submitted, which those of you taking calculus will realize is 1 short of the requirements for a duel). This was probably my fault, as I was not terribly clear in what I wanted to do the first time around. So, I am pushing back the finale one week so that everyone has a chance to make sugg…

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  • AtheistUntoDeath

    Well it is that time of the week again folk. Time to force the champions of the league to fight each other to the death. Last weeks champions, Volibear and Warwick, will have their fates decided today. But first, an announcement.

    This blog series has been, at least in my mind, a great success. I must admit I did not expect it to accumulate this much interest. Unfortunatly, due to current circumstances, my personal life is becoming slightly too hectic for me to continue the blog at the present time. I will pick up the Blog again a little while after summer has ended, but as things stand I will only have enough room in my timesheet for one more post (aside from this one). Seeing as how that is the case, I will make that one unique. I will tel…

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  • AtheistUntoDeath

    It is once again time to cross words as if they were swords and decide the fates of champions. But first, let me announce last weeks winner.

    (This one will have to be shorter than usual because circumstances have forced me to use an IPad on 18% charge)

    Last week, I asked you all to choose between Braum and Trundle in a duel to the death, and boy did you guys deliver! The winner, by a fair margin, is...

    Braum, the Heart of the Freiljord!

    This was a close debate, but my decision became clear fairly early on. Trundle has many advantages, from sapping his foes life force to environmental control to generally being the smarter combatant, but at the end of the day, he does not have the right kind of advantages to get the shorter odds in a fight with…

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  • AtheistUntoDeath

    First off, if there is anyone who is upset by the lateness of this post, please address your complaints to the people who created this Wiki, who left it with a glitch that, upon someone trying to publish a long and well written blog post, logs them off and deletes the post, despite an hour straight of work and saving twice. But moving away from that negative sentiment, it is time to actually deal with last weeks champions, Pantheon and Olaf.

    This is by far the closest match to date. I do not recall switching sides more often than I did in this one. Nonetheless, after much soul searching and tooth-grinding, I have finally arrived at who I believe is the victor. The winner, by a slim margin, is...

    ...Pantheon, The Artisan at War!

    Ok, explantion…

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