Aghanim's Scepter is a fan made Legendary item.



These descriptions are for the ultimate ability unless specified otherwise. The goal is not to add a fourth level of the ultimate, but more focused for extra utility, but some ults would be too strong or have less room for improvement so I added a some non-ult effects.

It gives all purpose stats like trinity so it could not be the best substitute for AD or AP items.

The cooldown "reduction" is applied before CDR, just like when leveling up a skill.

AhriSquare Ahri Increase dash range by 50, increase each bolt base damage by 15, reduce cooldown by 15.
AkaliSquare Akali Increase max charges to 4, reduce recharge time by 3 seconds, increase base damage by 10.
AlistarSquare Alistar Increase duration by 1, reduce cost to 0, gain same amount of bonus AD as AP.
AmumuSquare Amumu Increase Radius by 50, increase base damage by 50, decrease cooldown by 20, decrease cost by 50.
AniviaSquare Anivia Decrease cost by 20, decrease cooldown by 2, decrease passive cooldown by 1 minute.
AnnieSquare Annie Tibbers gain 60% attack speed and 20% movement speed.
AsheSquare Ashe Increase base damage by 50 and gets +0.8 bonus AD ratio.
BlitzcrankSquare Blitzcrank Reduce proc to once every 2.0 seconds, gain 50 mana regen.
BrandSquare Brand Increase bounces to 5, increase base damage by 30.
CaitlynSquare Caitlyn The bullet passes through the first intercepting target to a second target who takes 40% of the damage, the ultimate gets 20% armor penetration
CassiopeiaSquare Cassiopeia Decrease cooldown by 20, poisoned targets suffer 15% MR reduction.
Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath Increase max stacks to 8, increase health per stack by 10, reduce cooldown by 10.
CorkiSquare Corki Increase max missiles to 10, change damage type to physical.
DariusSquare Darius Decrease cooldown by 15, Darius gains 5% movement speed, hemorrhage stacks lasts for 8 seconds.
DianaSquare Diana Increase base damage by 30, Moonfall apply Moonlight. +10% attack speed
Dr. MundoSquare Dr. Mundo Remove cost, increase restored health percentage by 5.
DravenSquare Draven Decrease damage reduction to 6%, hitting minions does not reduce the damage output, increase base damage by 50.
EvelynnSquare Evelynn Kills and assists reduce cooldown by 25, Reduce shadow walk detection radius by 50.
EzrealSquare Ezreal Decrease cooldown by 15, hitting minions does not reduce the damage. Essence Flux and Arcane Shift reduce all of Ezreal's cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
FiddlesticksSquare Fiddlesticks While Crowstorm is active fiddle gains 20% movement speed, reduce cooldown by 20.
FioraSquare Fiora Increase strikes to 6, reduce cooldown by 10, increase base damage by 25.
FizzSquare Fizz The primary target takes additional 80 (+0.15 AP) true damage.
GalioSquare Galio Increase channeling duration to 2.5, Galio is immune to cc while channeling, increase damage cap to 50%.
GangplankSquare Gangplank Cannon Barrage gains a chance to deal 75% extra damage (per canon ball), the chance is equal to crit chance, Gangplank gains bonus 20% crit chance.
GarenSquare Garen If this ability is used to finish an enemy, it's cooldown is reduced by 70%.
GragasSquare Gragas Apply 35% movement slow for 2 seconds, Gragas gains 200 health.
GravesSquare Graves Targets suffer 15% armor reduction for 3 seconds, increase both base damage by 30.
HecarimSquare Hecarim Gains (+0.7 bonus AD) ratio for the second portion of damage, reduce cooldown by 10.
HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger All abilities' cooldowns are reduced by 2 seconds and their mana costs by 15. Heimer gains 10 mana regen
IreliaSquare Irelia Increase heal by 5% from both sources, increase base damage by 15, range by 100 and missle speed by 100
JannaSquare Janna Increase the diameter by 200 (no effect to knock back range), Janna receives 30% less damage while channeling
Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, knocks enemies other than the main target out of Cataclysm. (don't worry, you can still "help" your teammates.
JaxSquare Jax Jax's abilities stack his passive, his ult proc stacks it twice.
JayceSquare Jayce Movement speed buff duration increased to 2 seconds, decrease transformation cooldown by 2 seconds
KarmaSquare Karma Max stacks of mantra becomes 3, on kills or assists she gains 1 stack.
KarthusSquare Karthus Increase base damage by 30, decrease cooldown by 20, gains an 400 AoE damage centered around the targets but does damage the main target, the AoE magic damage is 40% of the main damage.
KassadinSquare Kassadin Increase base damage by 60, decrease mana cost (base and per stack) by 40
KatarinaSquare Katarina For each blade hits an enemy increase the range by 15 (max 10 blades). Katarina's AA and abilities (ult excluded) that hit enemy champions reduce the cooldown of all her abilities by 0.3 second per champion hit.
KayleSquare Kayle Gives 40 Tenacity for 8 seconds and heals the target the same amount as Divine Blessing
KennenSquare Kennen Increase base damage by 10, each time an enemy champion gains a mark of the storm you restore 5 health and energy.
Kog'MawSquare Kog'Maw Increase AD and AP ratio by 0.15 each.
LeBlancSquare LeBlanc Decrease cooldown by 3 seconds, LeBlance gains 15% movement speed for 3 seconds whenever she casts mimic.
Lee SinSquare Lee Sin You can cast R again to activate a resonating strike to the target, Extend flurry's effect to three strikes.
LeonaSquare Leona Increase both CC duration by 0.5 seconds, increase passive's base damage by 15
LuluSquare Lulu Increase duration by 2 seconds, decrease cooldown by 10 seconds and gives 10% movement speed
LuxSquare Lux Decrease cooldown by 5, increase base damage by 30 and Illumination base damage by 50
MalphiteSquare Malphite Increase range by 150, AoE by 50, reduce cooldown by 10, when Granite Shield is active, Malphite gains 20 health regen
MalzaharSquare Malzahar The target takes 15% more damage during the duration from sources other than the ult
MaokaiSquare Maokai Reduce cost per second by 5, reduce cooldown by 5, allied units in the AoE instantly heal 20% of the total damage dealt to enemies
Master YiSquare Master Yi Increase duration by 1, when highlander is not active kills and assists refresh half the amount (50% and 25%)
Miss FortuneSquare Miss Fortune Decrease cooldown by 15 seconds, increase cone width by 20% and range by 150.
MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser Target receives half healing effects during the duration. Iron Man max shield increased by 150 and Mordkaiser gains 5% spellvamp
MorganaSquare Morgana Reduce cooldown by 10, gains 10% movement speed during the duration, Black shield absorb 50% of physical damage.
NasusSquare Nasus Decrease cooldown by 15, gains 20 armor and MR and 5% MS during the duration
NautilusSquare Nautilus Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, gains the ability to move through units and 10% MS for 3 seconds after activating the ability
NidaleeSquare Nidalee Gains 15 armor and MR in cougar form and +20 to base damage of all her abilities in cougar form.
NocturneSquare Nocturne Increase range by 600, damage all units you pass through while traveling 70% of total damage.
NunuSquare Nunu Decrease channeling duration by 0.5 second, decrease cooldown by 10 seconds.
OlafSquare Olaf Increase duration by 2 seconds, Olaf gains 30% attack speed during the duration
OriannaSquare Orianna Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, increase base damage by 50.
PantheonSquare Pantheon Increase AoE by 200, increase cast range by 1500. Pantheon gains 30% Movement speed for 2 seconds after the ult.
PoppySquare Poppy Increase duration by 1 second, the target takes 200 total magic damage over the duration and slowed by 5%
RammusSquare Rammus Decrease cooldown by 25 seconds, enemies hit by the tremors are slowed by 25% for 0.75 second.
RenektonSquare Renekton Decrease cooldown by 20, gains 40 AD during the duration.
RengarSquare Rengar Increase duration by 1 second, increase bonus MS by 10%, Rengar gains 10% lifesteal.
RivenSquare Riven Increase duration by 2 seconds increase active base damage by 20.
RumbleSquare Rumble Increase slow by 5%, decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, increase AoE by 80 (per missle)
RyzeSquare Ryze Decrease cooldown by 20, increase duration by 2. (it is possible to keep it permenantly active with CDR and spamming)
SejuaniSquare Sejuani Frost and Permafrost apply 30% attack speed slow.
ShacoSquare Shaco Before activating the ult, you gain 350 Max Health for the duration
ShenSquare Shen Decrease channeling time by 1 second, increase duration by 1 second, the targets gets 20% of Shen's armor and MR for the duration.
ShyvanaSquare Shyvana Loses 5 fury per second instead of 6 while in dragon form, active gains +0.7 bonus AD ratio
SingedSquare Singed increase duration by 15, increase buff amount by 30, Singed gets feared once every 5 seconds for 0.5 second. (real insanity)
SionSquare Sion Doubles his passive's chance and amount. +10% MS, +10% APen, +10% MPen.
SivirSquare Sivir Increase duration by 5 seconds, reduce cooldown by 20 seconds.
SkarnerSquare Skarner The second portion of the damage is applied in AoE and knocks back enemies from the main target. Range 450
SonaSquare Sona Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, decrease power chord cost to 2 spells.
SorakaSquare Soraka Astral Blessing and Wish apply 100 health regen to the targets for 5 seconds.
SwainSquare Swain Reduce upkeep cost by 2, gains 15 armor and MR while active.
TalonSquare Talon Increase duration by 1 second, Talon's AA reduce the cooldowns of all his abilities by 1.5 second except Noxian Diplomacy.
TaricSquare Taric Increase duration by 3 seconds, Taric gains 50 health and mana regen during the duration (half to allies)
TeemoSquare Teemo Reduce cooldown by 7 seconds, increase max charges by 1
TristanaSquare Tristana Reduce cooldown by 20, gains a +0.8 total AD ratio
TrundleSquare Trundle Apply 10% slow during the duration, add +0.5 bonus AD ratio
TryndamereSquare Tryndamere Decrease cooldown by 15 seconds, the cooldown is further decreases by 1 second whenever Tryndamere critically strikes
Twisted FateSquare Twisted Fate Increase range by 1000, reduce channeling time by 0.5 second, Stacked Deck becomes every third hit
TwitchSquare Twitch Stealth duration gets doubled, Deadly Venom damage gets doubled.
UdyrSquare Udyr Paste stance passive effect persists for 2 seconds after changing stances, monkey's agility gives Udyr 8 armor and MR per stack.
UrgotSquare Urgot Increase range by 100, increase all Urgot's debuffs by 0.75 second (passive, W, E and ult)
VarusSquare Varus Decrease cooldown by 10, gains +0.7 bonus AD ratio.
VayneSquare Vayne Increase duration by 4 seconds, reduce cooldown by 15 seconds, gains additional 10 AD.
VeigarSquare Veigar Decrease cooldown by 15 seconds, does 105% of opponent AP instead of 80%.
ViktorSquare Viktor Decrease cooldown by 20 seconds, Hex Core give Viktor additional 3 Health, Mana and AP per level.
VladimirSquare Vladimir Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, increase damage amplification by 3%, Vladimir and allied units are healed for 130% of amplified damage they cause. edited idea from: Doc Tam
VolibearSquare Volibear Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, increase duration by 3 seconds, increase Frenzy's AS per stack by 5%.
WarwickSquare Warwick Decrease mana cost by 50, strikes 6 times, increases total damage output by 20%.
WukongSquare Wukong Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, increase AoE diameter by 80
XerathSquare Xerath Change cooldown to 1.5 seconds but can cast once, additional casts within 10 seconds costs a barrage stack (first does not cost a stack), Xerath gains a barrage stack every 15 seconds (Max 2)
Xin ZhaoSquare Xin Zhao Increase the duration by 3 seconds, gains additional 20 armor and MR (not per champ) and 5% MS during the duration.
YorickSquare Yorick Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, increase duration by 3 seconds (both), gives 150 extra health regen to the image (first one only).
ZiggsSquare Ziggs Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, each time you use and ability decrease the cooldown by 2 seconds.
ZileanSquare Zilean Decrease the mana costs of all abilities by 25, each time you use an ability you gain 8% CDR for 8 seconds(max 3 stacks).
ZyraSquare Zyra Decrease cooldown by 10 seconds, Ult knocks enemies on edge back to the center a small distance (100), max seeds you can hold becomes 3, max on the field becomes 5, plants duration increases by 3 seconds.