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Ravenous Hydra Rework

People may see this item as a "Gimmick" item, which means it is only bought for fun or when the person just so has enough money to buy it. Rarely it is used in competitive play. What I would like to introduce is a way to make it more viable while incorporate it with a never used algorithim to add stats, along with removing the very unessasary Hp Regen on this item.

Ravenous Hydra:  Builds from-

  • Tiamat: 2200G (525G)
  • 55 ad
  • ​Same Unique Passive+ Active

Builds from- Pickaxe, 2x LongSword

  • Life Scepter

New Ravenous Hydra stats:      3500G (500G)

  • 65 AD
  • 12% Lifesteal
  • Same Passives and Actives.
  1. ​12% of the player's TOTAL CS is added as AD (Like 200 CS would have an extra 24 AD)
  2. 2% of the player's TOTAL CS is added as LIFESTEAL.

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