• AwesomeBathtub

    I feel like I may have seen this idea on another user blog, but whatever. Here's a simple idea for a Karma rework. Her main problem seems to be her long mantra cooldown, and the fact that she can't do much with her non-mantra'd abilities. So, having a stance-based ultimate and dividing her damage and support to the different stances lets her keep a similar playstyle, but lets her be a passive or an aggressive support at will. The stat bonuses on her ult simply let her be less item dependent.

    Karma gains up to ability power corresponding to her percentage of missing health.


    Heavenly Wave heals Karma and allies in the arc.

    |description2 = Karma deals magic damage to enemies in a 65° arc. |leveling2 = 5% ally's missing health |leveling = …

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