• Axle the Beast

    Ability Details pages?

    September 26, 2013 by Axle the Beast

    Where did all of the Ability Details pages on the wiki go? Probably this has been discussed somewhere on the site, but I come here for information, not really as an editor, so I wouldn't catch that kind of thing.

    These are some of the most useful pages on the wiki -- or were -- and give a lot of important details that cannot be gleaned anywhere else. The straightforward Abilities tab doesn't tell us much of anything we can't learn on the main League site. Background, Strategy, and Skins & Trivia are all useful in their own ways, but Ability Details always gives really technically and invaluable data regarding the behavior and quirks of abilities, or whether or not they proc Spell Vamp, and now I can't find any.

    Why were these taken away? Or,…

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