Hey guys, this is just one of the few ideas for a champion that I have recently finished and was wanting some feedback on it. I haven't written any ratios in or any amount of damage, just to avoid making it seem like I was intentionally making overpowered. Anyway, I hope you guys find him as awesome as I do. 

Passive: Unrelenting Strength- As Volcareon loses health, he gains Attack Damage equal to a percentage of his missing health.

Q: Ravage- Volcareon quickly strikes a unit a second time, causing the target to bleed for a short duration.

W: Weapon Finesse- Passive: Each successive strike gives Volcareon a stack of Finesse. Each stack of Finesse gives Volcareon a percentage of Attack Speed. Stacks up to five times.

E: Endless Pursuit- Volcareon dashes a fixed distance towards a unit, gaining a small percentage of Movement Speed for a short duration.

R: Dance of the Whispering Swords- Volcareon strikes a target champion with his swords (min 1), the number of swords used depending on his stacks of Finesse. All stacks of Finesse are consumed upon using Dance of the Whispering Swords.

Anyway, that's all for now. Any and all feedback is welcome, but any comments that are just to talk crap shall be ignored. Thanks for looking at my creation guys.