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Christmas Skin Ideas

Aznkidd December 4, 2013 User blog:Aznkidd

Hello guys my name is Aznkidd and christmas is almost here so i was thinking about skin ideas for the event.

(SLAY BELLE KAT HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Frosted Zyra

  • I know that zyra just recently got a skin but i think this skin idea would be awesome on her. I think she will be like a winter flower or something like that and all her spells will have a frosty new partical like her e instead of it being a plant/vine type thing i think it should be a frosty/snowy wind that freezes enemies :)

Snowday Miss Fortune

  • Well just picture it in ur mind mf throwing snow balls with er q , e , and ult and also she wont have guns she would be throwing snowballs at people :D

Snowday Syndra

  • The same goes for syndra because syndra only has 1 skin and it is cool but what could be more awesome then throwing 100 snowballs with her ult in 1 for all :D

Snowstorm Diana

  • Her q is like a bizzard,her w floating snowballs :D,r a frosty new partical and when she hits her target it explodes with snow :3

NEW AND IMPROVED Mistletoe Leblanc

  • Ok this is a skin i want to rework because as a lb player i want more lb's skins to be redone mostly this one because she has no new partical effects on any of her skins and i think this one would be a great start.
  • Q - a snowball (derp.)
  • R Q - a snowball with a different texture/color o_o
  • W - it explodes with snow/frost at the end of the dash
  • R W - same as the normal dash with different colors
  • E - a chain of christmas lights
  • R E - the same chain but it lights up :D

I think i'll be adding more to this but what do u guys think are they a cool idea and comment a awesome skin idea that u have in your mind and u want it to be in the League :D

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