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  • BBilge

    When I first came to this site I assumed that it had just been thrown together to have ended up the way it looks now. I later discovered that . I've [ never been much of a fan].

    I soon discovered that the underpinning markup was equally horrifying and later proposed redesigning the site using semantic markup. Unfortunatly nobody seemed to know what that meant so I spent the last four days creating an example by redesigning the front page.

    The new front page design uses semantic markup. I implore fellow editors to compare and contrast the [ source for the current version of the front page] with the [ source for the new design]. Consider which one you would prefer to maintain.

    I haven't converted the on sale and featured champion templates yet…

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  • BBilge

    It has long been established that tables for layout is stupid. The famous seminar given at Seybold, San Francisco in 2003 paved the way for a better web by condemning the, as then, ubiquitous use of tables for layout by dubbing them "stupid". They were right. Their recommendation was to create "semantic markup" that is more accessible, flexible and functional. Tables should only be used to display tabular data as they were originally intended; never to position page elements.

    Yet even now in 2011, when almost every other major site has adopted this approach, League of Legends Wiki still uses tables for layout extensively. Excessive use of in-line styles also undermine accessibility and consistency across the site. For this reason the [|acti…

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  • BBilge

    Everything I have contributed to this site has been strongly contested by Sam 3010 by either being deleted or set upon by threats of deletion.

    I just spent a while creating a "new skins" feed for the front page. Within a few minutes it was deleted. It is no longer possible for me to contribute new ideas to this site and it has gotten to the point where Wikia staff intervention is required to revoke his deletion rights. Unfortunately, Wikia staff don't care, so all you get is this lousy blog post.

    Textbook case of drunken mad with power.

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  • BBilge

    I think the champion ability detailing project is a great idea but before the animation graphics go any further some of the problems with them need to be addressed.

    Videos must be deinterlaced.
    Interlacing is causing the detail to be obscured. This is probably a capture or conversion error since the source material isn't rendered interlaced.
    Videos need to be cropped to the action.
    Dragon flapping its wings in 50% of the shot is an unnecessary distraction when the aim of the animation is to detail a champion ability. Correct cropping can enlarge the important part of the shot making detail clearer.
    Summoner names need to be turned off.
    If any personally identifiable information leaks into the shot after cropping it should be considered invalid a…
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  • BBilge

    I recently contacted Wikia staff regarding my most recent blog post about the attitude of this wiki. My original intention was to write a series of blog posts about this wiki that could help improve it but after the responses I received from the bureaucrats I lost all faith in their ability to run a wiki. Unfortunately Wikia staff didn't offer to intervene as I had hoped they might but instead imparted the following advice:

    Remember that if you find you cannot agree with the way a wiki is being run, you are always welcome to start your own wiki on the subject, or to join one of our thousands of other wikis. --Merrystar

    At first I thought the idea was ludicrous, but since my interest currently lies in League of Legends I won't be contributing…

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