I recently contacted Wikia staff regarding my most recent blog post about the attitude of this wiki. My original intention was to write a series of blog posts about this wiki that could help improve it but after the responses I received from the bureaucrats I lost all faith in their ability to run a wiki. Unfortunately Wikia staff didn't offer to intervene as I had hoped they might but instead imparted the following advice:

Remember that if you find you cannot agree with the way a wiki is being run, you are always welcome to start your own wiki on the subject, or to join one of our thousands of other wikis. --Merrystar

At first I thought the idea was ludicrous, but since my interest currently lies in League of Legends I won't be contributing to any other wikis for the time being, so after giving it some thought I decided to create this blog post to see if there's any interest within this community in starting another League of Legends wiki here at Wikia which is run properly, which I define as the morals, goals and guidelines presented by established wikis such as Wikipedia.

Post your thoughts below.