When I first came to this site, I assumed that it had just been thrown together to have ended up the way it looks now. I later discovered that someone actually wanted it to look like this. I've never been much of a fan.

I soon discovered that the underpinning markup was equally horrifying and later proposed redesigning the site using semantic markup. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to know what that meant so I spent the last four days creating an example by redesigning the front page.

The new front page design uses semantic markup. I implore fellow editors to compare and contrast the source for the current version of the front page with the source for the new design. Consider which one you would prefer to maintain.

I prefer the

The poll was created at 09:53 on July 28, 2011, and so far 118 people voted.

I haven't converted the on sale and featured champion templates yet, so I take no responsibility for how bad those are. I leave them for the interested reader to improve. If nobody bites I may get around to converting the featured champion one, but I'm not touching the sale template because it is a pig.

Although the look of the new front page is a little different to the old one it could easily be altered to look exactly the same as the old design; that was not the focus of the redesign, the code was. I am not a designer. The point of this blog post is that this site is in desperate need of a redesign. Someone with web design talent is needed to create a new design for key areas of the site such as the landing page and champion pages. In the meantime we can all continue to improve the source code.

Any talented web designers out there?