I think the champion ability detailing project is a great idea, but before the animation graphics go any further some of the problems with them need to be addressed.

Videos must be deinterlaced

Interlacing is causing the detail to be obscured. This is probably a capture or conversion error since the source material isn't rendered interlaced.

Videos need to be cropped to the action

Dragon flapping its wings in 50% of the shot is an unnecessary distraction when the aim of the animation is to detail a champion ability. Correct cropping can enlarge the important part of the shot making detail clearer.

Summoner names need to be turned off

If any personally identifiable information leaks into the shot after cropping it should be considered invalid and redone.

The GIF palette need to be optimized.

At the moment it looks like a web-safe palette given the graininess of the image. I realize it's a full color image but I'm pretty sure Photoshop and other graphics applications ship with better adaptive algorithms. Though this is conjecture, investigation is recommended.

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