Hello everyone, BIA-Kaboose here, I was in English this semester and we were assigned to write a short story, we were allowed to pick whatever topic we wanted and just write, my brother-by-choice runtorto and I decided what would be cooler than writing about League of Legends? The answer is nothing would be cooler.

I am going to post it here for anyone that is interested in taking a look at it, for the most part it follows the lore  (for character backgrounds at least, other than Zac, we wanted him to seem more relatable) so you will see similarities as far as back story goes with a lot of the characters. I will warn you in gogle docs it ended up being 15 1/2 pages long, so if you do decide to read the whole thing I commend you for your resolve, enjoy everybody and thank you for your time.

Not many people know why the war between Zaun and Piltover started but for the people that do it has been a long hard fight that everyday more and more good people die with no sign of the war ending anytime soon. Deep in the city-state of Zaun, green fumes were pouring out of the alchemist’s workshop. “Those pesky yordles will never know what hit them, my newest bioweapon is almost complete, and the siege of Bandle City will soon end." Singed thought, the device in front of him was the cause of the smoke, it also nearly cost him an arm to make, the acid leaked mid development, thankfully most of his nerve endings were destroyed a while back, the results of a previous experiment. Singed was forced to test his experiments on his own body due to the laws of Zaun, at least he would have to until the amorphous combatant was finished, then he could test in a safer environment on a test subject that is not considered alive, and therefore not under the protection of the laws. He hammered the side of the starsteel canister back in and the smoke ceased, “Warwick, get over here you lazy excuse for an alchemist!” Singed called out, soon he could hear the sounds of Warwick’s approach, despite the fur covering his feet, the sound of claws clicking on the floor was unmistakable. Warwick came into view, and what a view it was, elongated maw, the oversized teeth of a true predator, Singed could still remember when he was still human before the invasion of Ionia, but then Soraka changed him with her magic, now he was more wolf than human. “What do you want?” He inquired, it came out as a low growl with human undertones, Singed pointed at the remaining piece of his contraption laying on the table a few feet away, it was the canister for the accelerant, when fused with the acid in the tank the solution could disintegrate an entire person in a matter of seconds, Singed designed the solution a few years back as a solution to keep the morgue running, there had been too many dead soldiers to bury. Warwick slid the second canister across the table to him, Singed nearly lost control as he carefully stopped the canister with his hand before raising it to hit him across the face, cutting his hand in the process on Warwick’s teeth, “You fool, you know what is in this canister, you could have killed us if it leaked,” Singed spat at him, Warwick only shrugged in response and picked up the tools needed to secure the two canisters together, he no longer cared about death, he saw it every day on and off the fields of justice, magic use in wars had been completely banned from Runeterra when the League was first created, but this was not magic that they wielded, it was science, and that was still viable.

Caitlyn scanned the room as she entered as she always did, a sheriff that did not exercise caution was not a sheriff for long, before Cait had come along Piltover was a lawless place, run by the ruffians such as Graves and Twisted Fate, it was a shame that she was being forced to recruit them as allies now, she had finally caught them too. “So, I finally caught you two, I guess it has been a while since you have been in the same room as each other, why don’t you say a quick hello”, sitting cuffed to the chairs across the room was Graves and his previous right hand man, Twisted Fate, from what she understood, Fate had gotten Graves arrested and locked in a prison in Zaun, then Graves broke out killing all the guards on his way. Graves just looked over at him and spat out “Fate” in that thick southern accent of his, “Now look here little lady, the only reason I am here is because I was accused of conning a man out of his money, but I didn’t really do anything wrong, and besides cuffin’ me up next to my old “partner” was one hell of a low blow, what do you say you take these cuffs of and we can talk like real human beings eh?”, Twisted Fate said, his words thick with false honey, “Sorry boys but if comfortable is what you are looking for, I left the fuzzy cuffs at home, now I don’t like this situation either but the cuffs do get to come off now, and not by my call either, the major wants a chat” She uncuffed them and led them out of the room, keeping  very close eye on them in case of trouble, she knew that Graves in particular had a short fuse, especially with Fate.

“Get in there” Caitlyn snapped at them opening the door to the meeting room, They walked in both scanning the room as they entered, Graves swept left, Twisted fate swept right, Just like old times Twisted Fate thought. The table only had two open seats, right next to each other, the two outlaws sat shoulder to shoulder, Just like the good old days before Fate handed me over to Priggs for his magic powers Graves thought, Caitlyn stood off in the corner observing the situation, rifle propped against her hip, back to the wall. The group sitting at the table was of varying reputations, inventors, outlaws, scouts, warriors, the major, and the wary eye of the sheriff. “Now that we are all here, I would like to begin by saying that you are the finest group of people I could have imagined for this effort, to discuss our mission, it is dangerous, but the danger is always present in war, you are the best, the brightest, and most apt for this job, and I thank you all for participating” the Major wheezed out, he was a large fellow with a rat like face. “Now just you hold up for a second you sumbitch, I didn’t agree to any of this just yet”, Graves spat out “I ain’t got time to handle your light work” Typical Graves Twisted Fate thought even without his gun he was ready to start a fight at any moment “Oh you will understand why you are going to help soon enough Malcolm, yes I know your name Mr. Graves, you get around a lot” the major said, a smile creeping on his face despite his fear of the man sitting before him, “You know my name, but you don’t know jack squat about me you oversized varmint” Graves retorted “Give me back my gun and I’ll show you why the stories are only retold by cowards and women”.

Viktor tapped the end of his staff on the table to catch everyone’s attention, he had it in a moment. “The reason for your presence is a mystery to me Malcolm, but you would do best to heed this man’s words” through the mask Viktor’s voice sounded strange, and no one had seen his face in years, “Shut your trap tin can, I am a free man and I can do as I please” Graves said, Viktor’s robotic third arm focused in on him, the palm glowing red signaling danger, Viktor leaped onto the table and tossed a device under Graves’ chair, the metallic arms of the device unfolded and created an electric field that began altering the gravity around Graves, increasing it and causing Graves to growl in pain, “You will submit to my designs soon enough Malcolm, this war only slows down the glorious evolution, but one day the world will be rebuilt in my design”, Twisted Fate with a laugh said “So you want us all to look like the tin man off of the wizard of Oz, well I got news for you, we aren’t in Kansas anymore”. The palm of the augmented hand was growing red hot, everyone had seen this process enough during league matches to know what was about to happen, he was about to fire a laser point blank into Graves’ forehead. “Anyone up for a card game?” Twisted Fate asked, and as he did a deck of cards materialized in his hand, infusing them with his magic he threw the first card with such power that it severed the robotic arm and stuck into the wall behind behind the major’s head, it was the ace of spades.

“Alright that is enough”, Caitlyn said shouldering her rifle, everyone just sit down before I start blasting. They both backed off and sat back down, “Now where were we? Oh yes the reason you all are here, Zaun has been getting braver by the day and we are starting to lose more soldiers, so I brought you all here so that we can work as an undercover team in the heart of Zaun, our job is to break into Singed’s labs and steal anything that will helps us and destory everything else so that they have to start over giving us the upper hand.” Teemo stood up to volunteer for the job, as a scout for bandle city he was more than capable of this task, Caitilyn had called him to join the group long ago but he said that he prefers to work alone, but after seeing how the war was going and Zaun starting to besiege his home Bandle City, he agreed to help. Teemo asked “What is our plan for breaking into Zaun Caitlyn?”, Caitlyn motioned for everyone to come closer to the table as she layed down a map of the city of Zaun “Twisted Fate will be disguised as a tourist to the city, vicktor you will take out a guard at the gate and open the doors to the city when you see Twisted Fate coming. Teemo you will be going through the sewers of the city and getting right under the lab Graves your job, your only job, is to cause a distraction to make him leave the lab is that understood? blow something up, shoot a guard, anything, do it and get out. Finally I will be sitting on the top of the building across from the lab providing overwatch, we will be meeting outside of the city at dawn to start this.”

The next morning the group gathered in the dead woods outside of Zaun, no natural life was able to survive well in the area around Zaun, the chemicals in the air and water had turned it into a near desert climate. They were an interesting group for sure, Teemo was dressed in a wet suit to avoid the toxins in the sewer water, Twisted fate was dressed as a travelling magician, the words on the back read “The Magnificent Twisted Fate”, flashy as always, but it was Graves that pulled out all the stops, black hat and trenchcoat, he looked like a mafia hit man, it was perfect, Viktor was dressed in his usual outfit cloak flowing behind him as he walked, however his metallic parts were hidden, not much that they could do about his face other than pull up the hood on his cloak, but his augmented third arm, newly repaired after yesterday’s meeting, was folded down his back, his staff had been replaced with a new design, it looked like a cane with a red glowing gem set in the top, Caitlyn had picked out her outfit herself, her gun was in pieces stowed in various parts of the outfit to remain inconspicuous, unlike Graves’ shotgun, Destiny, that weapon is as oversized as the ego of the man that wields it Caitlyn thought, though it had changed since she had given it back to him the night before, it had a slimmer design and seemed to be fully automatic, and it wasn’t silenced, he was planning something big.

Meanwhile in bandle city Ziggs and Rumble are fighting off the forces of Zaun that keep coming in almost endless waves little does Zaun know that ziggs is known in the city to be the worlds best bomb maker and Rumble is a very revered inventor, his mechanized war suit, Tristy, had allowed him to win many fights on and off the fields of justice, even if she was made from junkyard scrap. In a another part of the city there is a young beautiful yordle that goes by the name Tristana that has the strength of a bull who uses a rocket that is strapped to her arm to fight in the war and has gotten hundreds of awards and medals that she had won for her great feats in battle and never being scared to do something that had to be done in order to keep the city from being consumed in the war. With the waves of Zaun retreating the yordles of the city begin to celebrate their victory but Ziggs, Rumble and Tristana know that the city of Zaun will not give up with this small defeat no it will only make them come back stronger with no fear of fighting to the last man.

Viktor was approaching the gate of the city, head dipped below his hood, from a distance he looked like a hunchbacked old man, “Halt!” the guard called out, but Viktor just kept walking forward, hobbling on his cane. “Stop right there old man, or else I will be forced to shoot you”, the guard called out, but it was in vain for Viktor would not stop, the glorious evolution would not be withheld, and neither will I Viktor thought, Let them shoot. The guard shouldered his machine gun and fired, Viktor stopped walking, the guard was dumbstruck as Viktor pulled back his cape to reveal the metal chest underneath, completely unharmed, Viktor raised his head the light shining from his eyes as red as the blood that would soon spill, he lifted the hood off of his head and the guard did not even have time to scream as the arm extended over Viktor’s shoulder and fired a laser, cutting the guard in half in a moment. Viktor tossed down the ruined cloak and began climbing the gate with his inhuman strength. Once he reached the top he stood on the wall for a moment, then looked back the way he had come, he could see the others approaching, he walked calmly up to the door of the guard house, it was obviously bulletproof, he knocked on the door. The guard that opened the door never stood a chance, Viktor stabbed the end of the cane into his chest and through his spine, the cane automatically began siphoning power from the man’s brain, recharging the fuel cells in Viktor’s chest, where his heart used to be. The other guard jumped from the wall and then Viktor took hold of the gate controls and the gate slowly opened.

At the same time Teemo had began his way into the sewers to make his way under the lab. He had to go slow because the sludge was so thick from the all the experiments that have happened in the city he had  very strange feeling that he was being followed by something so he decide to stealth himself to wait and see if anything came up from behind him. Sure enough he saw what looked like to be a rat that had been mutated from the water and sludge of the swears  Teemo became unstealthed with his dart gun at his mouth and said “Who are you stay where you are i will shoot and trust me it doesn’t look like much but the poison on this dart is enough to kill a giant.” The rat began to say, “No do not shoot I am a friend I will not hurt you I was just seeing who was in my sewers I heard someone in my sewers and was checking it out." "Ok I won’t shoot, just who are you and why do you say these are your sewers?” “My name is Twitch I was born in these sewers as a normal rat I lived right under the lab of Singed and with all the chemicals that leaked into the sewer changed me, I began to start understanding the words I would hear people say and I grew arms and legs I became what I am now because of him and I hate him for it, if only there is some way I could get back at him but if I try and fight him I would surely lose.” “Well”, Teemo said with a smile on his face, “I am with a group that is right now working there way to his lab so that we can get info to help us win the war we could use any help and after we get the information we need we are going to destroy the rest of his lab.” “Oh yes, yes”, Twitch said, “I will gladly join you but what war are you talking about? I have never heard of this war who is fighting in it?” Teemo was shocked that a creature in the world, especially in the city that had started the war did not know about it but how can he blame him he was once a rat who got mutated into what he is know there is probably many things that this rat does not understand. So Teemo and his new found friend Twitch headed towards the ready to do whatever it takes to get the information they needed.

The group approached the gate and slowly walked into the city Twisted fate began walking towards the heart of the city, Graves broke off from the group and drew his gun from his back to balance on his hip, Good luck Malcolm, it shouldn’t be too hard you just have to run your mouth and shoot something before skipping town, you did it often enough back in the day Twisted Fate thought, Caitlyn headed off in the other direction, toward the labs. Nearing the center of town Twisted Fate began calling out “Come one, and come all, to see the magnificent Twisted Fate!” people began crowding around to watch his magic tricks, and he would not disappoint them, pulling out his card he tuned into his magic causing them to dart in and out of the crowd, forming up into a crown and landing on a child’s head before flying into the air and making a picture of a jester’s mask. Things are going well, no one suspects a thing, hurry up Malcolm time’s a wastin’ He thought while making the cards form a small tornado and zoom through the crowd, the children chasing it as it went.

Here we go again, knee deep in some god forsaken cesspool trying to distract some folks while Fate dazzles everyone with his magic, and in the end the only thing that can go wrong is that I get caught and he gets away scott free Graves thought with spite that yella’ bellied varmint wouldn’t know true danger if it was shooting him in the face “Keep it together Malcolm, all you gotta do is cause a ruckus and leave anyhow” He said to himself, “Graves, what are you going on about now?” Caitlyn’s voice was loud in his ear, he had forgotten about the communicator, “Don’t you worry your head about it little lady, just get in position” He said, he didn’t trust a woman on this job, they just get in the way. Approaching the power plant Graves drew out the other weapon he had brought along, it was a customized grenade launcher that he had been working on, things were about to get loud, “You in position yet?” Graves barked into the communicator “Roger that Graves, setting up the rifle stand now, I can see the entire lab and the surrounding three streets” was the reply “Go ahead Malcolm, light the place up” Fate’s voice was strangely calming, and at the same time infuriating “Shut your trap Fate, I don’t need your go ahead, not anymore” Raising the grenade launcher to his shoulder he briefly aimed and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened, he pulled the trigger again, still the shell refuse to fire, “What in sam hell is wrong with this thing?” he roared into the communicator “what did you do with my gun tin man?” Viktor’s metallic voice sounded through “Did you cut off the safety mechanism?” Graves nearly lost it and started yelling into microphone “What kind of man needs a safety mechanism, it’s a gun for god’s sake, it isn’t supposed to be safe, it’s made to kill people” “Graves if you don’t shut up and do something then I will come down there and shove that gun so far” the sound cut off as Graves pulled the communicator out of his ear and threw it towards the power plant, then he flicked off the safety and fired. The entire plant exploded, smoke shooting into the sky and causing fires to break out on the nearby buildings, Wow, Malcolm is pulling out all the stops now, time to hit the trail Twisted Fate thought as he saw the smoke rising into the air, “Ladies and gentlemen” Twisted Fate called out raising his arms into the air, “For my final trick, I am going to make myself disappear into thin air, is everyone watching?” no one was watching him any longer, the were all pointing at the pillar of smoke rising into the sky, the guards rushing away, one of the children looked over at him as the magic welled up in his body, eyes glowing golden he looked at the child, “Remember kid, Lady Luck is not a fickle mistress, she is very faithful, she just happens to be hanging on my arm” the cards began flying around him and then he was gone, disappeared into thin air.

He reappeared behind the lab, the cards phasing in with him, he brushed a few off of his shoulder and smiled, The look on that kids face as I left, nothing beats that look He thought, “Caitlyn you ready?” he said into the mic, “Roger, Singed just went sprinting out of the building towards the explosion, Warwick wasn’t far behind him” Good, now I just have to wait for the rat He leaned up against the building watching the sewer grate, watching, and waiting. Caitlyn’s view from above allowed her to see most of the surrounding area, and her rifle scope helped her see even more, she had the weapon trained on Singed as he ran, despite the heavy tank on his back, and the oversized shield strapped to his arm, he was moving quite quickly for someone so skinny, he also seemed to be trickling green foam from his mouth, he looked rabid.

Graves was reeling from the blast, he never expected the whole plant to go up at once, he could feel blood flowing from his ear, Well my hearing is gonna cause me trouble for a bit at least, but I gotta keep moving, I ain’t got time to bleed as he turned around a group of guards came running around the corner, jumping to the side he pulled his shotgun around and pulled the trigger, three shells went flying through their ranks and the men dropped, Another triple for Graves, what a surprise He chuckled to himself, then he took off running towards the gate, his job was done. Running through the streets was something he was used to, he did it all the time back when he was Fate’s partner in crime, he was the metal man, And there wasn’t a man alive that could outgun me He thought and he smirked, and then the world blurred around him as he was thrown through the air and crashed into a wall, his vision was blurring as he looked up and came face to face with Singed, green foam flowing from his mouth and dripping on Graves’ face, “You’re one ugly sumbitch you know that?” Graves said as he reached into his trench coat and grabbed the smoke grenade, pulling the pin he dropped it on the ground and rolled out of the way as Singed’s spiked shield crashed into the ground inches away from him, the effect was instant, smoke filled the road and Graves picked himself up off the ground and ran, back the way he had come. He could tell that he was seriously injured, it wouldn’t be the first time, his left arm was dangling, and he knew that three or four ribs were broken, but he wouldn’t stop, he never did before, and he wouldn’t until the day he died.

Caitlyn saw the whole thing happen, she had been screaming at Graves to turn around, run a different path, but he didn’t seem to hear her, he kept running towards the gate, but Singed was catching up, running faster than any man should be capable of, he even left Warwick behind, even on all fours he was not fast enough to keep up. Singed saw him running before Graves could reach the end of the road, he was catching up, and Graves didn’t know he was there, She drew in a breath as the chemist lowered his right shoulder and picked Graves up on his shield and threw the outlaw over his shoulder like a rag doll, Graves hit the wall and collapsed, Singed walked over to him and flipped him on his back, Graves leaned his head forward and reached into his coat, he was saying something that Caitlyn could not hear, and as Singed raised his arm to bash Graves with his shield he rolled out of the way and the air filled with smoke, she saw Graves running back the way that he had come, Singed exited the other side of the smoke screen and took off running towards the gate “Viktor, Singed is on his way to your location, watch your back” Caitlyn said into the communicator “What do you mean?” Viktor’s voice came through the headset, “I mean he is running with inhuman speed towards the gate” “I am not at the gate, my job was complete I am back in Piltover perfecting my design for Jayce’s suit” Caitlyn was speechless, he had just left them behind to fend for themselves.

Twisted Fate heard the sewer grate move, looking up he saw nothing, “Teemo you sneaky bastard, I thought I smelled a rat” Twitch became visible in front of him “You know that could be considered VERY rude depending on who you are talking to” He snarled to Twisted Fate, conjuring cards into the air around himself Twisted Fate prepared to attack, just then Teemo came climbing out of the sewer grate, Twisted Fate chuckled and said “Looks like the cavalry has arrived, lets ice the rat and move on” “No you don’t understand Mr. Fate, this is my friend” Teemo replied, “He is here to help”. “So let me get this straight, you recruited an insane toxic rat for a discreet search and destroy mission?” Twisted Fate asked, “Why yes, yes he did card man, any more questions?” Twitch replied before slinking into the shadows and becoming almost invisible. “Oh great, two sneaky rodents” Twisted Fate said, “Just so you know Twitch, if you stab us in the back, there won’t be any hiding from me” He could almost feel the rat staring at his back as they entered the lab.

Graves ducked into a building, slowing his breathing and his heart rate, wrapping his arm up in his coat he grunted as he tied the knot, he pulled up his gun in his other hand and walked farther into the building, pushing back some curtains he saw a lab before him. A giant metal container in front of his seemed to be lit up from the inside, as he approached he was constantly sweeping for danger, his gun out in front of him, looking through the window of the tank he saw a green ooze inside, it was shaking violently, not knowing why he backed up from the tank, and then suddenly the side of the tank ruptured, the ooze began leaking out and piling up on itself, until soon it resembled a small hill, then it formed into a shape resembling human “Hello” the blob said, “Who are you? I do not recognize you” Graves was taken aback, “What the hell are you supposed to be?”. “My name is Zac, I used to be a normal soldier for this once great city but when Zaun began losing a couple of battles they wanted something that would never lose another battle no matter the adversary and could never be destroyed so they picked me, a man with a wife and child, to do experiments on and after the results were not what they wanted, they got rid of me, they just trapped me in this tube to rot away and be forgotten, but the more I was in that tube the more I began hating zaun for what they have done to me I never got to see my wife or kids ever again” “Looks like I’m not the only one to get the short end of the stick, we are of the same breed you and I, both too trustworthy of our so called allies” Graves responded, “Come on, let’s get out of here” “Yeah, let’s bounce” Zac said

While this was all going on Teemo, Twitch and Twisted fate are going through all the papers they can find and all the chemicals in Singed’s lab to find anything that will help them with the war effort. “You found anything yet?” Twisted Fate called out, “Just a small stuffed doll of myself, I think Warwick bit its head off” Teemo replied glumly, “Can we hurry up and get out of here?”, “How about you Twitch anything?” Twisted Fate asked, “Well I found something interesting here, take a look at this canister, it is newly sealed, and it smells like something poisonous is inside, oh wait, that’s me” Twitch said and then began cackling, biting the lid off of the canister he tilted it and a clear liquid leaked out and onto the floor, getting curious he cracked the other lid open and green smoke began pouring out, tilting the container once more a green sludge oozed out and on contact with the liquid began eating into the floor at an accelerated rate. “Well that should do nicely, nice find rat” Twisted Fate said, “Now let’s rough up the place and get out of here”, “Oh it will be my pleasure” Twitch said with an evil grin.

Hot on the trail, you can not hide from me outlaw, your very blood betrays your location Warwick thought to himself, he had reached the plant and looked around, he could smell Graves’ blood on the wind, picking this distinct scent from the smell of the dead guards, he took off running on all fours. Springing up he caught hold of the edge of a rooftop, sprinting across the buildings was faster than running through the streets, There you are Graves, you have gone from the hunter to the hunted now Warwick smiled, teeth flashing in the light, it had been a while since he had gone on a good hunt, no one had summoned him in a League battle for a long time, not since the Jester had shown up. Graves was running through the streets next to Zac, This could be a problem, he has released the experiment Warwick was snarling, taking in the scent of blood as the wind changed he howled, the blood lust was visible in his eyes, Graves turned his head toward the sound.

“I reckon we need to hightail it out of here blob boy, you got any bright ideas?” Graves asked, “I have one idea but you may not like it” Zac replied, “I don’t care what it is we have to get out of here before Team Jacob over there catches us”, Graves responded, “Get on my back” Zac yelled as he readied himself to jump the wall, Graves climbed onto his back but as Zac started to leap Warwick jumped from the rooftop and catching hold of Graves’ broken arm he tore the outlaw off his back, slamming onto the ground Graves was knocked unconscious with Warwick crouching on his chest. Warwick threw Graves over his shoulder and carried him to the prison in the heart of the city. Twisted Fate watched the wolf leap from the rooftops tearing at his previous partner, he caught ahold of the mans arm, pulling it far behind his back, farther than any man’s arm should go, it was obviously broken, Twisted Fate winced, That’s gotta hurt he thought as Graves was pulled from the back of a green blob that seemed to yell his name as Graves plummeted to earth, Graves was not moving.

Twisted Fate trailed Warwick through the city, staying just far enough back to not be noticed, The one time you didn’t make it Malcolm, no, not the one time, but last time I caused this, but I swear I will make it up to you somehow Twisted Fate thought, his face was completely blank of emotion, the worlds greatest poker face. Warwick slipped into the prison, but Twisted Fate stopped following, he would stand out too much in there, he would have to wait for Warwick to leave, the guards were no problem, but champions even out of the fields of justice were made of tougher stuff than normal people. He leaned up against the wall, tilting his hat down over his eyes, he summoned his magic and turned his vision towards the prison, he could see everyones body heat inside, Warwick was easy to identify, he stood head and shoulders above everyone else, Graves was no longer on his shoulder, instead he was slumped against a nearby wall. A few guards cam a few minutes later to move him into a cell, Warwick was on his way back out, Twisted Fate ducked into a back alley until he passed by then walked up to the door of the prison, scanning for heat signatures he discovered that no one was near the door, This is going to be too easy, Twisted Fate thought pulling a card from his jacket he infused it with magic and opened the door. Not even locked, it’s just like playing poker, I’m here to check, raise the river and leave them high and dry, and Lady Luck is smiling down on me Twisted Fate thought, he almost chuckled, then he remembered that he was here for a reason. Sneaking through the prison he was on alert for guards, he approached the corner leading to the cell block and put his back against it, peeking his head around he came face to face with a guard.

The guard seemed stunned for a second, he quickly regained his senses and tried to grab Twisted Fate, but only managing to grab onto the brim of his hat, pulling it off of his head. “Nobody, and I mean nobody, touches the hat” Twisted Fate snarled at him, grabbing his hat back before pulling a handful of cards from his jacket and throwing them in a deadly spray, cutting the guard’s throat all the way across, his head hit the ground before his body did, the look of shock frozen on his face,Twisted Fate reached down and closed his eyes, then he stuck a card in his pocket, the joker’s laughing face taunting the dead. Moving farther into the prison he didn’t see any guards, he was approaching the cell block, looking around the corner he saw Doctor Priggs, but the man had changed, he was partially robotic now, Twisted Fate was stunned, last time Priggs had been seen Graves had shot him point blank in the chest, it had been a fatal wound. “Well well well, we meet again Malcolm” Priggs was almost laughing as he said this, “You are back under lock and key, and this time you are going to stay that way, oh and as for your gun, I gave it to my engineers they are going to dismantle it and I am going to hang it on the wall outside of your cell so you have to see it every day for the rest of your life” “You always were a weasley little varmint weren’t ya, you take a man’s gun away and then put it just out of reach to taunt him? You better hope I don’t get out of here” Graves taunted back “I could give you another shell, the next one is between the eyes” Graves leaned up against the cell door, right arm dangling and he was extremely pale, he was obviously in a lot of pain, but he would never show it by his actions or speech.

Priggs walked out of the cell block and Graves collapsed on the floor cradling his arm, Twisted Fate moved slowly down the hallway towards Graves’ cell, “Well what do we have here?” Twisted Fate said “Graves the elusive outlaw, finally got caught” Graves jumped up reaching for his gun, but it was no longer on his side, then he realized who was talking, “Oh come to gloat now have we?” Graves retorted “Or were you in on this the whole time?” he snarled “Oh I didn’t have anything to do with this one, you just got unlucky” Twisted Fate said and then he sighed “You know Graves, things could have been different” “Just get me out of here or leave those are your two options right now Fate, I don’t want to hear you flap your jaws at me” Graves replied, “Fine just stand back” Twisted Fate said and pulled the deck of cards from his coat Pick a card, any card Twisted Fate thought bitterly, drawing one at random he threw it through the lock of the cell door, he was already walking away as Graves saw the card stick into the wall of his cell, the ace of spades was quivering from the force at which it was thrown, Graves pulled the card out and put it in his pocket.

Once they had gotten back from the prison they all sat down at a table and tried deciding what they were going to do with the chemical they had found “ we could get one of their super weapons and poor this all over it so it malfunctions killing them” Caitilyn said “no lets make as many bullets as we can out of it and when they show up I’ll destroy them all with it” Graves said with a smile”  “Ha like you could take down a whole army no let me have it I’ll find a  way to put in my dart gun and I’ll just sneak around and shoot them in their necks” Teemo said “no you’re all wrong lets take it to Ziggs in Bandle city and see if he can make a super bomb big enough to take out the whole army at once” Twisted fate said. The group agreed that this was a much better plan than any of them had thought of. Once they had gotten to the lab of Ziggs they were very nervous that the lab might be booby trapped knowing Ziggs he found great joy in blowing things up “Ahhh stop being baby theres nothing here its completely safe” Graves said with a reassuring voice and right as he said that he stepped on a landmine and froze so that it wouldn’t shift the weight and make it explode. Out of the darkness of the lab came a small youdle dressed in a black and red suit with small goggle on the top of his head and juggling a lit bomb in each hand “Well hello friends or you better hope you are my name is Ziggs and this is my lab if you have not heard of me I am known as the best bomb maker in the world so how can I help you today”. “First off can you get me off this mine somehow I do not really feel like being blown to kingdom come” Graves said with a worried voice “oh haha do not worry it is disarmed, I think” Ziggs said with a grin on his face Graves slowly took his foot of the mine “boooooooom” Twisted fate yelled from behind almost making Graves jump out of his skin “I swear Twisted fate one day I’ll get you back for all this” Giving Twisted fate a bad look as he said it and Twisted fate just looked back with a smile. “So why did you come to my lab then” Ziggs said we found this chemical that with just one drop can get through anything it touches we were wondering if there is anyway you can make a bomb out of this big enough to take out a army “ yes sure it will take some time though” Ziggs said “its fine take as much time as you need just work as fast as you can Zaun will be doing there finally attack on Bandle city soon before we can get back to our strength we had before the last battle” Caitilyn said “Ok I’ll get right to work, this is gonna be a blast” Ziggs said with an excited voice. The group came back a few days later when Ziggs had finished the bomb “ Well its finished and this was so much fun I almost took off my hand with it”

Meanwhile on the farthest outreaches of Bandle city they can see the forces of Zaun slowly headed toward the city in great numbers the guards of the city begin to sound off the alarms and one after the women and children go running into the forest to hid and the men of the city grab weapons of all kinds and begin lining the wall of the city in defence of their home The group hears these alarms and rushes out to see the forces beginning to launch mortars “Ziggs hurry and get that bomb out here and get it ready to launch” Caitilyn screams back into the lab “its gonna take time if we go to fast it could go off hold them off while i get it ready” Ziggs screams back “ok Graves and Twisted fate you guys got the front gate Teemo and Twitch you guys sneak in behind and attack after we start attacking I’ll sit up here and snipe them and help Ziggs get the bomb ready” Caitilyn said. “I just can’t get rid of you can I?” Graves said, “I suppose not” Twisted Fate said, as the battle raged on Ziggs up in his home worked as fast as he could to get the bomb out onto the catapult they were using to shoot it that would hopefully talk out the rest Zauns forces “How much longer on that bomb Ziggs we don’t have much time till they over run us” “ its ready just need a second to get the firing trigger ready and amed”. “Ok everyone get back here so we can fire this thing lets hope it works” Cait yelled out.

As they were preparing to fire the bio bomb A rift opened in the sky above the battlefield, the soldiers all stopped, Zaunites and Bandle City troops alike, A man began descending from the rift, the champions all recognized the man before them, it was Reginald Ashram, head summoner of the League of Legends. “You will cease your actions, what comes of this fight is nothing but the death of innocents and I will not let it continue, the bio weapon about to be used will cause massive destruction to Runeterra if you wish to continue this battle I will gladly take you to the fields of justice where you can battle in a undying arena where no civilians will be hurt but only the best and strongest champions out of these two cities may come and fight.” Ashram’s voice boomed out, louder than it should have been, amplified by his magic. Caitlyn stepped out of her cover and began to say “We will gladly go to the fields of justice and fight this out we will see which city is stronger by its champions not its people”. Singed and Warwick then walked out of the crowd of their soldiers “We will go to and see who is really stronger here”. Ashram raised his hand and the champions began raising from the ranks of their troops. Meeting together under the rift they ascended into it, “All soldiers are to return to their city of origin, do not delay any further fighting will be handled by League personnel” The voice was not human that echoed from the rift, the soldiers began dispersing.

The champions appeared on their respective summoning platforms, “You may select five champions from each side of the conflict to venture out, choose wisely you will not be able to trade out” Ashram’s voice rang out over the battlefield, “Welcome to the Howling Abyss” the announcer’s voice said as usual. “Alright, Howling Abyss as opposed to the Summoner’s Rift, you know what that means, range is favored over all else” Caitlyn said, “I’m going one way or the other, I have the skills required to take out their team members from extreme ranges, Graves, you get to sit out this fight, your shotgun has far too short of a range” “Yeah like I care, I’ll enjoy the breather” Graves replied, “Alright, Jayce you’re coming too, nice suit by the way” “Thank you Ma’am, it is of Viktor’s design, all systems are up and running to maximum efficiency” Jayce said in a robotic voice through his metal face plate, he began stance changing his prized possession, the mercury hammer/cannon, it was his own design, transforming between a ranged artillery piece and a close range instrument of death, “Transformations are functioning well, I shall forge a path” He said, and then he charged from the summoning platform heading across the bridge. “Fate, I know you were sort of forced into this battle, but we could really use your help, are you in or not?” Caitlyn asked, “Well you know little lady, at first I planned to bail on this operation as soon as we got out of Piltover, but as I said previously I never really did any wrong, if you really want me then I’m willing to help” Twisted Fate replied and bowed, tipping his hat as he did so. “Alright that’s three, we need someone willing to take a beating” Caitlyn said solemnly, “Singed is going to bring everything he has got, and we all know from previous matches how hard he is to bring down” “Me and Tristy can handle that, we have fought worse than that twig of an alchemist” Rumble chuckled “Teemo, you are coming too, your mushrooms should be able to keep them at bay and make sure they can’t sneak up on us” Caitlyn said, “Captain Teemo, on duty” He said, his voice suddenly happy, he seemed changed as he always did when battle was imminent, it was as though he became a different person, much more violent, and unable to show mercy. “Sit tight guys, this shouldn’t take very long” Caitlyn said before dashing out to the field of battle.

Singed observed the champions standing around him, Dr. Mundo, Warwick, Twitch, Nocturne, “Hmmm, only five of us, interesting” He muttered, “Everyone, you know the plan, we have two of the strongest assassins that the league has to offer, Nocturne, I do not know why you are here with us but your job is to eviscerate anyone that gets in your way, if you run into trouble then the good doctor and I will assist in getting them off of you, remember here in the league we can not truly die but you will feel all the pain, and temporary death is hard to revert the summoners will have enough problems keeping us alive without us dying”, “Mundo has question for potion man” Dr. Mundo spat out, he was a grotesque creature, warped by his own experiments, a syringe sticking out of his shoulder pumping some infernal chemical straight into his nervous system, “Yes Mundo what is it?” Singed asked, knowing that he had to hold back his disdain for the man before him, last time someone had insulted Mundo, they had a cleaver buried eight inches into their chest, “What does Mundo do if he sees someone he doesn’t like?” “Well, if you see someone you do not like if it is not one of us, crush them like a bug” Singed informed him, “Yes, Mundo will smash” He said, the madness visible in his eyes as he hefted his over sized infected cleaver over his shoulder, and ran off the platform humming. “Twitch, you must focus on this battle, it is the future of your home, you must see through your insanity and attempt to shoot the enemy and not your friends” Singed was tired of remaining calm, but there were only two people on their roster that weren’t completely mad, and one was a creature that wanted nothing more than to slaughter anything in its way with huge scythe-like blades that seemed to grow out of its arms, and the other was a wolf man.

The champions from each side were gathering near the turrets, Caitlyn was looking through her sighter scope to locate her adversaries across the bridge, She saw Dr. Mundo, the giant enraged behemoth swinging his cleaver around and laughing, Warwick and Singed were there, Singed leaned up against the tower casually staring into a potion bottle, Warwick was using his claws to pick his teeth clean, Where are the other two of them? Caitlyn wondered, “Teemo have you seen anyone yet?” Caitlyn barked into the communicator, “No one yet” was the reply, “I hear something in the other bush” Jayce’s voice came in, “I’m going to go check it out”, Caitlyn scoped in on the bush, She saw Jayce walk in, and then everything started happening at once, Mundo sprinted forward and threw his cleaver through the bush, Caitlyn saw a spray of crossbow bolts flying out as a shadow from the sky darted down into the bush blades glinting in the sun, Jayce came staggering out of the bush, the cleaver buried in his arm, 6 or 7 bolts stuck in his chest and his face plate had been sliced in half by some wicked blade, he coughed up some blood and collapsed as Mundo came walking out of the bush and sunk another cleaver into his spine, “hahahahaa, darkness is coming” a haunting voice rang out, Caitlyn shivered despite the warmth of her gear.

Jayce’s corpse disappeared shortly after, “My apologies Ma’am it won’t happen again” Jayce said through the communicator, “Don’t worry about it, just be more careful next time” Caitlyn responded, Twisted Fate was off to the side of the bridge staring down into the abyss, a dead look in his eyes, Caitlyn walked over and put her hand on his shoulder, she turned her communicator off, “You alright Fate?” She asked, “I’m doing just dandy, don’t you worry your head about me little lady, I was just trying to figure out a way to stop that from happening again.” He replied, “Well plot while you fight, we gotta get out there the minions are finally spawning” She switched her communicator back on. “Teemo, you better watch out, I think that Twitch and Nocturne are fighting for them in this battle” Caitlyn said, “Let them come” The scout replied, “I can kill them all” I hate when he gets like this, he is normally so peaceful and happy Caitlyn thought, It’s like he is a different person, I wonder what Tristana thinks about his change of heart in battle “Alright move up everyone, Rumble how are you holding up?” “Give me a second Cait, the club arm is jammed, I’ll have it fixed in a jiffy” the little Yordle chirped out, he looked strange with the mech towering above him, he looked like a little kid, with the hatred and intelligence of an adult.

Singed smiled as Jayce’s corpse hit the ground, “First blood” the announcer called out, Yes the first blood has indeed been spilt, and much more is soon to follow “Alright troops, well done but we aren’t finished yet, I want their heads on a platter” Singed called out, “Mundo goes this way” Mundo said before jumping off the side of the bridge and grabbing onto the supports, he was using the supports like some kind of strange jungle gym, cleaver stuck between his teeth as he swung from beam to beam slowly getting closer to the enemy team, Twitch was sitting in the bushes laughing maniacally and Warwick was howling into the sky in celebration. Teemo was waiting in the bush as Warwick came walking in, Warwick paused for a moment, “I know you are here rodent” Warwick snarled, “I can smell you”, Teemo aimed up his blow gun and shot a dart directly into his eye, blinding him, Warwick howled in pain as Teemo continued shooting him with the toxic darts, finally the wolf man fell to the ground, he shook once and he died. The battle raged on back and forth, no one truly gaining the upper hand, “DARKNESS” a voice hissed, suddenly everything went black, Caitlyn could no longer see her teammates, she could barely see anything, “Drip drop, the sound of blood” She heard whispered in her ear, she felt the blades tear into her back before she could even react, as she fell to the ground her vision beginning to fade, she saw Nocturne hovering over her, her lung was impaled on one of his blades as the spectre laughed, “Do you fear the dark sheriff?” He taunted, and then she died.

Oh no not again, Caitlyn was terrified, she knew right where she was, she had returned to this scene many times in her nightmares, Father no, do not go, don’t leave me alone, Her father was walking out the door, he had just gotten a call that the criminal had struck again, he was going to try and track the man down and bring him to justice, the scene skipped ahead, there was a knock on the door, she ran to open it, but it was not her father standing before her, it was one of the other officers in his unit, his hat was clenched in his hand. Caitlyn began sobbing, she fell to the ground and wept uncontrollably, the officer in the doorway was saying something but she did not hear it, the tears were slowing now, and anger was taking over, she stood and pushed past the officer, she walked all the way to her father’s office and grabbed the gun from his cabinet. She followed the officer to the scene of the crime and began searching, she found a card stuck in her father’s jacket pocket. The scene faded, Caitlyn was standing on the summoning platform again.

“Thanks for the save Summoner” She called into the air, then she ran off the platform and back to the battle. Time for a magic trick, Twisted Fate thought, and I know the perfect one for this situation, I’m gonna make that ghost disappear. Twisted Fate summoned the cards around himself, infusing one with his magic it began glowing yellow, “Nothing but shiny gold” He chuckled as Nocturne raced towards him, Twisted Fate threw the card and it hit him straight in the chest, Nocturne was stopped in his tracks, locked in place by the magic, grabbing a handful of cards he threw all of them at once, the spectre screamed and faded, his blades dropping to the ground. A cleaver slammed into his arm, Dr. Mundo was towering above him, the mountain of a man ripped the cleaver out and was about to chop Twisted Fate in half when A bullet came flying and knocked the cleaver out of his hand. “Lady Luck is smiling” Twisted Fate laughed and jumped to the side as Mundo tried to punch him, enraged at the loss of his cleaver. Twisted Fate managed to dodge around the behemoth until his team arrived to help, Jayce vaulted onto his back the Mercury Hammer was charged with electricity which sparked off and began shocking Mundo overloading his brain, the abomination collapsed, he was no longer breathing. Warwick was lurking in the bushes waiting for someone to come close enough to assault, He howled in pain as he stepped in the snap trap, it was firmly anchored to the ground, he could not escape, he watched as Rumble walked up to the bush, the pilot light on his flame spitter growing larger before the flammable napalm came shooting out of the end, Warwick collapsed to the ground, the pain causing his body to go into shock as Rumble incinerated his corpse. Twitch began shaking, Singed knew that something was wrong and began backing away from the rat, Twitch opened his eyes and let out a bone chilling laugh, running towards his enemies he began firing his crossbow with unrivaled speed, but his aim was off, his body was moving too quickly for him to aim the shots, Caitlyn put three bullets in his head from eight hundred yards.

Incompetent fools, Singed thought as he watched his team fall one by one, There is only one chance now, the insanity potion reaching for the bottle on his belt his hands were shaking, the potion had strange effects on the human body, for a period he loses his mind, his senses are dulled while his strength and speed are heightened, he brought the bottle to his lips and drank the entire thing. Singed was no longer human, he was an empty shell, no mind, and no emotion, only instincts, the green foam dripping from his lips as his eyes rolled back into his head gave him a macabre appearance the poison gas spewing from the large tank on his back was dark green and permeated the air, he was running at inhuman speed towards the champions of Piltover and Bandle City. Rumble tried to block him but Singed jumped in the air and grabbed the Yordle by the throat, without a second thought he threw the engineer off the side of the bridge and into the abyss, Rumble’s screams were cut short as he fell out of view and landed on the rocks below. Caitlyn was shooting bullet after bullet into his chest and gut, but the man before her was shrugging off every hit, she tried to jump to the side as he attempted to grab her but he threw his other arm out to block her and impaled her on the spikes coating his shield, her rifle clattered to the ground. Twisted Fate watched from afar as Singed ripped off Jayce’s mask and held him in the poisonous cloud, slowly Jayce stopped struggling, and Singed dropped him on the bridge, his insane laughter could be heard even from where Twisted Fate was standing.

Singed was running towards Twisted Fate, but Twisted Fate did not move, he was too focused on his channeling, Singed stopped in front of Twisted Fate, the shots from the tower did not even stagger him, Singed could not see him as his eyes were still rolled back in his head, Twisted Fate did not move. “You know Singed you made one hell of a wrong move coming to mess with me” Twisted Fate said, as Singed began to swing his shield at the sound he had already moved to the side completely silently, “You forgot the number one rule of playing a game with cards” again Twisted Fate had already moved away before the chemist could react, “The number one rule of cards, is that the house always wins” Twisted Fate dodged yet another hit from Singed, a shadow appeared covering Singed’s body, Twisted Fate silently backed away, This is about to get very messy he thought, the building came crashing down on Singed before he even knew what was happening, the bridge gave out from the force of the building falling on it and Singed was falling through empty space the rubble of the bridge and the house falling all around him, he hit the bottom a split second before the rocks did.

Twisted Fate took a moment to catch his breath, but not too long the other champions would be back in fighting shape soon enough, he began throwing his cards at the ranks of the enemy minions, one by one they fell until he reached the enemy tower, he began infusing the cards with his magic and they began exploding on impact, taking large chunks out of the tower until it finally collapsed, the same fate befell the second tower, Caitlyn ran up from behind and began shooting at the inhibitor, “Twisted Fate get back to base and take a breather I’ve got things from here” she called out, “No ma’am I will not be doing that, I told you that I would see this through to the end, and I’m going to” He replied, still out of breath but a smile on his face nonetheless, the inhibitor fell quickly, for some reason the enemy team had not respawned, Jayce had finally caught up, teemo by his side, they could hear Tristy walking towards them, but how Rumble would make it past the hole in the bridge with the mech was a mystery. Together the four champions destroyed the turrets and finally the nexus, as the nexus exploded the battlefield seemed to freeze, the champions were still moving but the minions had frozen, the nexus stopped exploding halfway through, shards of the crystal stuck in mid air, something was wrong.

A figure began forming in the heart of the explosion, A large red creature with wings, its large sword began moving as though it was itself alive, it looked down at the champions and smiled. “My name is Aatrox, thank you for freeing me from this prison, the bells of war are calling me, I must go now, I sense that blood will soon flow like water” and with that the creature disappeared, time returned to normal the shards of the nexus pelting the surrounding champions, one piece cut Caitlyn’s cheek, they were all stunned by the appearance of the creature. “Congratulations, the winners of the battle are the representatives of Piltover and Bandle City, Zaun will forfeit control to the League while a date is scheduled for a rematch to decide the fate of both cities, for now enjoy your victory” Ashram’s voice rang out. The champions’ vision grew dark and they appeared in their respective cities. In the meeting room in the Piltover sheriff’s department, the group gathered once again, tensions were not as high this time however, everyone was at least being civil. “Good work everyone, for now at least we have ensured the safety of our homes and our friends” Caitlyn said, “You all deserve medals, but there isn’t any good reason to hold a ceremony so you just get them now, enjoy” She pulled a box out from under the table and slid it to the middle, it opened where it stopped, inside the box were medals all reading the same thing “Piltover’s Finest” was etched into the top with the logo for Bandle City underneath, “These also function as homing beacons in case we ever need each others help again, just don’t ask me to help you with anything illegal” She made a pointed look at Graves and Twisted Fate, “Now get out of my office” She barked, smiling despite her harsh tone, She knew that if anything ever happened the city would be in good hands.

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