Hey League of Legends forums, on this Sunday, Nov 4, I, Bachoru, have acheived 1750 elo, bringing me to platinum rank! I am overjoyed, just a week ago I was oscillating around the 1600s, but with a mixture of determination, luck, and pure awesome skill that I have so much of, I have risen by 150 elo in a week and now have Platinum. It's an honor to have this platinum, and I am thankful to all of you who helped me get it. I should probably start by thanking my parents. They raised me right, made me eat my vegetables, so my body was ripped and my mind was clear and ready to get platinum. They provided me with the necessary computer, internet and other necessary accessories. I'd also like to thank my brothers and sister, for being awesome siblings and keeping me focused on my goal.

I'd also like to thank the power companies, for working mostly reliably. I'd also like to thank my computer accessory makers, without you I would probably never have achieved such platinum level in elo.

I'd also like to thank my teachers for being sick this past week, giving me enough time to play and get platinum. I'd like to thank all of my friends who supported me, and all of my friends who didn't: without you, I wouldn't have the sweet feeling of you being wrong and me being right!

I'd also like to thank my ancestors, the Slavs, for coming here, and all the other nations for letting them. I'd like to thank George Washington for winning the war and giving us the ideal settings for democracy.

I'd like to thank the apes that we evolved out of, and Darwin for figuring it out. Without evolution, there would never be people to make League of Legends or to achieve platinum in it.

I'd like to thank hurricane Sandy for not coming to Europe.

I'd also like to thank the crew at Riot for not nerfing Amumu yet, and providing me with the champions and game necessary for my platinum.

I'd like to thank all my teammates who helped carry, all my opponents who made the game a challenge, and all of their parents for keeping them.

Thank you all! You're all awesome! Just like me, and my PLATINUM!