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  • BadDesperado

    Not sure if this been noted before, but just thought to myself about the event when Swain took the position of Grand General of Noxus. And remembered something that I thought was strange back then:

    Onlookers reported that Keiran initially had the upper hand and gradually forced Swain into a corner. "He had the Master Tactician against the wall," stated one witness. "I heard him say 'watch closely,' and he vanished – then reappeared behind Keiran. Swain dragged him to the ground and locked the poor fool in his snare spell."

    Since when has Swain been able to vanish and re-appear? There was no way he used flash, right? So think about this: he's being cornered, taking damage, and then suddenly *poof* he appears behind him. LeBlanc's passive? The…

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