Not sure if this been noted before, but just thought to myself about the event when Swain took the position of Grand General of Noxus. And remembered something that I thought was strange back then:

Onlookers reported that Keiran initially had the upper hand and gradually forced Swain into a corner. "He had the Master Tactician against the wall," stated one witness. "I heard him say 'watch closely,' and he vanished – then reappeared behind Keiran. Swain dragged him to the ground and locked the poor fool in his snare spell."

Since when has Swain been able to vanish and re-appear? There was no way he used flash, right? So think about this: he's being cornered, taking damage, and then suddenly *poof* he appears behind him. LeBlanc's passive? The rumors that LeBlanc's been going around disguised as Jarvan. Why not as Swain? Maybe Swain could not have defeated Keiram on his own? (Which I find strange... After all, he's a FUCKING DEMON bird... And there doesn't seem to be anyone mentioning anything about a giant demonbird on the duel arena.)

Then the bad parts of this theory: LeBlanc has her chains that do stop the enemy, but it roots it, it doesn't snare. Second, shouldn't there be a clone of her after the disappearance? Did anyone just ignore it until it disappeared? Or could LeBlanc just decide whether or not she makes a clone of herself?

So did the good ol' LB fight Keiram after all? Or was it Swain? If it was Swain, how did he disappear and appear from behind of him? "Watch closely" Sounds more like a sentence to come out of LB's mouth, I think Swain would say something else. For example: "Surprised?" "You really thought you could win, didn't you?" "Bad strategy" etc.

Your opinions?