• BalanceofFlour

    Hello people in the League of Legends Wiki. My name is BalanceofFlour, and I am here with my first blog post. It is about Teemo, the Swift Scout.

    Well, I have seen some YouTube videos regarding this topic. People (Commentators & Trolls alike) say that our lovely champion, Teemo, is one of the most underplayed champion of all time.(I spoke with aliens and other sentient beings, they don't like Teemo). But, he is one of the most OP champions in the League.Let's look into why.

    No I'm not. And Teemo IS OP. If you are new to Teemo, here's a link to his page: Teemo. First of all, his passive, Camouflage. This ability gives stealth to Teemo if he stands still for 2 seconds. That means he can catch isolated enemies that are weak, like a mid-game Ashe…

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