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  • BaneOfOlaf

    Se Juan I

    March 5, 2013 by BaneOfOlaf

    Se Juan I, Crowd Control Pig is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    }| } |description=Se Juan I has an intimidating aura that reduces enemy's AD by a small amount based on how many kills and assist gained. The aura reduces 1/2/3/4/5 (+.125 per Assist) (+.5 per Kill) }} }} }| } |cooldown= |cost=60 |costtype=Health |description=Se Juan I rears up on her hind legs and stomp the ground fiercely, knocking up near by foes and dealing physical damage. |leveling= }} }} }| } |cooldown= |cost=} |costtype=Health |description=Se Juan I charges towards foes, ignoring unit collision and dealing no damage. Enemies facing Se Juan I become feared and Se Juan I is untargetable for another second and ignores unit collision while experiencing a 30% moveme…

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  • BaneOfOlaf


    March 3, 2013 by BaneOfOlaf

    Heeler, Demacia's Working Dog is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    }| } |description=Heeler has 20% passive spell vamp. }} }} }| } |cooldown= |cost=50 |costtype=Mana |description=Heeler's next attack deals bonus damage as he chomps down with the jaws of a pedigree champion. |leveling= }} }} }| } |range=} |cooldown= |cost=} |costtype=} |description=Heeler alerts his team to an enemy's presence and buff them (himself included) for battle. |leveling= }} }} }| } |range=} |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=} |description=Heeler targets a foe and leaps towards it, slowing them for 1.5 seconds and dealing damage. |leveling= }} }} }| } |cooldown=} |cost=} |costtype=} |description=Heeler's size doubles and he gains bonus armor and magic resis…

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