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  • Baristar

    |alttype = |date = January 15, 2017 |rangetype = range |health = 3 |attack = 3 |spells = 9 |difficulty = 7 |hp_base = 511 |hp_lvl= 85 |mp_base = 290 |mp_lvl = 30 |mp5_base = 9 |mp5_lvl = 0.30 |resource = Mana |ad_base = 5 |ad_lvl = 0.1 |range = 125 |arm_base = 10 |arm_lvl = 2 |mr_base = 32.1 |mr_lvl = 1.25 |as_base = 0.3 |as_lvl = 0.5 |hp5_base = 1 |hp5_lvl = 0.1 |ms = 325 |author = Baristar }} Seerose, the Millennium Storian is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Seerose passively records every deeds around her, generating 20 deeds at the start of the battle and every 5 minute thereafter, even during her death timer.

    |description2= Everytime a champion - both allied and enemy - is slain, Seerose generates 5 deeds. Seerose additionally generates 1 d…

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  • Baristar

    ALL IMAGE SOURCE: http://elwiki.net/w/Main_Page


    If Add from Elsword Universe joins the league as a...

    Lunatic Psyker= Add, the Merciless Destroyer is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Successfully landing an ability will grant Add enhanced basic attack dealing magic damage}}, bonus attack speed}} as well as making him melee with a range of 150 with a duration of 4 seconds. These bonuses can stack up to three times.

    |description2=Attacking an enemy champion units with Dimension Breaker extends the duration by 1 second. |targeting= Dimension Breaker is a self-targeted buff. |leveling = |leveling2 = |cooldown= |spelleffects = |onhiteffects = |spellshield…

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  • Baristar

    Falke, The Quicksilver is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Falke only benefits 50% from . Hence, Falke will gain per .

    |description2= After landing 5 basic attacks or abilities, Falke gains but reduces her by 75% for her next 5 basic attacks. This passive do not stack. |targeting= Rabbit's Foot is a self-targeted buff. |leveling = |leveling2 = |cooldown= |spelleffects = |onhiteffects = |spellshield = |additional =

    • Falke cannot gain stacks while the bonus attack speed is active.
    • Falke can still gain stacks regardless of , , or even miss if Falke is .
      • In return, her next 5 bonus basic attack is still consumed regardless of the debuff or defenses stated above.


    Falke throws an improvised explosive, damaging them if it sticks to the first e…

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  • Baristar

    Eleos, The Weeper of Souls is a champion concept in League of Legends.

    Eleos does not utilize mana, instead, she uses Memorial Gauge. The gauge is equal to . Damaging Eleos will fill the gauge identical to 70% of the damage dealt to her (before damage reduction). When the gauge reaches the maximum limit, the next instance of champion or monster damage against Eleos consumes all of the gauge and heals her for . Eleos cannot gain a charge for 3 seconds when she is recently healed by this passive.

    |description2= Additionally, Eleos drops a bloom that last for 7 seconds near her whenever she receives damage. The bloom will be placed between the nearest champion, if any, and Eleos herself. Allied champion can pick up the bloom to heal them for half of the amoun…

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  • Baristar

    Leo recharges one cannonball if he stood still for 1 second without acting or being acted upon. The passive will be disabled if he is in combat, he is moving or his ammunition bar is already full.}} If Leo has at least one cannonball at his disposal, he is granted a unique range indicator. At 700 unit range, Leo fires one cannonball, dealing splash plus . If the targeted enemy unit is within his melee range, The passive will deactivate and he will do basic attack instead.

    |cooldown = 10 |cost = |leveling = |costtype = |range = |targeting = Force Reload is a self-targeted buff that empowers his basic attacks. |damagetype = |spellshield = |spelleffects = |additional = If Leo has more cannonballs at his dispo…

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