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  • Bashfrog

    Batsue, the Former Maiden of Ionia is not a maiden at all, just a filthy, filthy gutter rat. Oh, and it is also in the League of Legends. Probably some pleb country club. *Snort followed by laughing*

    Batsue floats in midair by hanging upside down on a single thread of silk attached to a balloon, channeling over the course of 3.5 seconds. As she channels, the range of What an Airhead! increases to a cap of 750 at 2.5 seconds, and her movement speed is slowed by 20%. Once the button is released, Batsue leaps off the balloon, while also throwing a precise dart in a straight line in the direction of the cursor for a perfect shot to vitals, dealing damage, plus bonus damage based on the range fired. If the button is held past 3.5 seconds,…
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  • Bashfrog

    Snowballng Champions?

    August 19, 2013 by Bashfrog

    Snowballing.  It can determine a game completely, and even lead to a huge comeback to a team that had most of their lanes destroyed.  In order to better understand the concept of snowballing and the champions that do so the hardest, I'm going to talk about what I feel are the worst offenders and if any of the other users know anything I missed, or feel I'm wrong about, please comment.

    Jayce: When you play vs. Jayce, and your top starts dying to him, you basically can just sit back and wait for him to come for you next.  I'd assume the shock blast/acceleration gate combo is what really gets a lot of people who aren't used to having to dodge skillshots for their life as a top laner, or maybe the complaints of him being broken are far beyond t…

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  • Bashfrog

    Important: A lot of people though I was talking about building a support ap in the bot lane.  What I meant was playing an ap support as an ability power carry. Well, I've been very timid about my next post, so here it goes, regardless of critisism. 

    Though some people enjoy the support role, I myself dislike it a lot.  That and building tanky. The reason for this is I completely hate not being able to get kills. Maybe not lead the charge, as my top three champs are all squishy mages, but getting the kills, and if I'm Ahri, assasinating people like there's no tommorow after destroying my likely fizz and kass-free lane. (unless it's free week, or there's an influx.  Then I cry.)  So, despite the fact that I do like some of the supports designs…

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  • Bashfrog

    Hello. I'm Bashfrog, and new to the wiki, this will be my first blog post.

    So, a month ago or so, I came across an interesting fact. Ever since I joined LoL less than a year ago, I've been attracted to the rarely seen champs. Instead of going towards champs like , , or , I preferred less seen champs, starting with . I found less seen often = hard to play. But I did well, learning to a high level, and to a decent level, and as I continued to buy underused mages, which I found I liked the most, I came across something strange.

    Of all champs, even at level 20, as I was at the time, I only had not seen a few. But of those few, many of which had high skill levels, or high prices, I saw one that just made no sense at all. . A champ that costs 13…

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