That grin can't hide months of verbal abuse. I hope you're happy, LoL community.

I couldn't help wondering about how on-hit effects were common as abilities for all these new champions.

Think about it, though, aren't they essentially just melee spells?

For instance, look at Talon's Noxian Diplomacy. They could've made it a melee spell, meaning that you press Q, target an enemy, and slap, you've done damage to them. But they've made it an on-hit ability though. I suppose it's more convenient.

I've also noticed that people have criticized Wukong for having an on-hit ability - his Crushing Blow. What if it was just a melee-range spell that had to be targeted? Would he be as heavily criticized then?

It's rather interesting thinking about how if older champions were introduced today, how their abilities would be changed. Look at these beauties!

Singed's next autoattack, within the next 6 seconds, hurls the target over his shoulder, dealing X additional magic damage.
Reckless Swing
Olaf's next autoattack, within the next 6 seconds, hits the target with such force that it deals X additional true damage to his target but Y true damage to himself.
Double Up
Miss Fortune's next autoattack, within the next 6 seconds, deals additional physical damage. In addition, the bullet bounces, dealing 115% of that damage to an enemy behind the target. Double Up cannot crit, but it applies on-hit effects.

Hurryeah. I now have a newfound respect for on-hit abilities. Don't disrespect the on-hit abilities, fellas, just think of them as melee-range spells.

I know that this isn't really a topic that can be discussed heavily, and that I'm just throwing this out there, but it's awwwwwriiiiiiiight. It's not like I'm announcing the burning of any kittens or something like that. Not at all. Nope.