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>taking my blogs seriously
I seriously hope you... oh wait.

This blog is meant to be taken seriously.
Beatnik Doctor 05:01, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

Twitch OriginalLoading

Twitch may be stinky, but this saturation of Champion Idea blogs is even stinkier.

I'm not a person of authority on LoL Wiki, but I have to say that as of late there have been quite a few champion suggests posted as blogs.

I'm sure a lot of us would appreciate it if you stuck it in a separate page linked to your User profile.

As Demise101 says in this page,

There is no contest. I don't even understand why people can't put their custom champs in their user page (aka for SquallRox it would be User:SquallRox/Champion_Idea_-_Brenda,_the_Watermage) and you would have a free page for it to be added.

So yeah. I suggest you make a page on your user page. For instance, if I wanted to show a new champion called Original, the Do Not Steal, I would make a page on:


I'mma get Garen to bust a cap in yo ass.

... and edit the page from there.

Once again, I'm not an administrator or anything like that, but most of us would appreciate the toning down of Champion Idea blogs.

Thanks, Beatnik Doctor.