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  • Beechang91

    I was bored and decided to make up a champion, along with a few abilities that probably will sound incredibly stupid :P but then again i guess i'm not the only one who has done sumtin like that. this champ revolves sumwhat round tanky, and being sumwhat of a mage. All the abilities are at max rank effect. well here goes:

    Melody- The Ancient Guardian (an imaginary champion made by me)

    Passive: Ancient Melody

    -Upon dying, after a delay of 2 secs, you can cast any of Melody's abilities to cast this passive, boosting the Armor and Magic Resist of all Allied Champions in range around you by 5 +(1xlvl) for a period of 10 secs.

    Q: Melody of Death

    -Melody corrupts the mind of a single target with a dark song dragged from the depths of the underworld, t…

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