• Benicioneto

    Dr. Mundo Rework

    April 2, 2018 by Benicioneto
    or while under 's regenaration, increases his by 2% for 4 seconds, and can stack up to times.

    |description = Dr. Mundo gains |AD}}, increased by |health}}. |targeting = Passive |affects = Self |damagetype = None |spellshield = |spelleffects = Heal |projectile = |notes =

    • No addicional notes.


    Dr. Mundo hurls a cleaver in the target direction, attaching to the first enemy it hits, dealing physical damage and it by 50% decaying over 3 seconds.

    |description2 = Dr. Mundo's next basic attack will remove the Infected Cleaver to deal bonus physical damage and heals himself for 50% of the damage dealt while them for seconds. |description3 = If Infected Cleaver hits an enemy it refunds half of its cost, and if Inf…

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  • Benicioneto

    New Champion - Ike

    August 9, 2017 by Benicioneto

    Ike, the Dual Wielder is a champion in League of Legends.

    of target's maximum Health|health}} true damage to the target. |description3 = Immaterial Blade cannot affect the same target more than once every 6 aeconds. |customlabel = |custominfo = 6 }}

    seconds and resets Hold Sword's cooldown. Sitting on one shell for 4 seconds without attacking, reloads for seconds.

    |description2 = Basic attacks consume 1 shell and spray 4 pellets in a cone, dealing % AD}} physical damage plus% AD}} damage}}for each pellet beyond the first. |description3 = spray 6 pellets over a 50% wider cone, dealing bonus critical damage)}} AD}} bonus damage. Basic attacks deal 75% damage against turrets. |description4 = Pellets stop at the first enemy unit or structure they hit, me…

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  • Benicioneto

    Some items changes

    July 25, 2017 by Benicioneto
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    Yorick Rework

    February 8, 2016 by Benicioneto

    physical damage. Periodically summons untargetable minions to fight in your side. Each minions has unique effects, they last for X seconds and will attack who Yorick attacks or attack him, prioritize enemy champions.
    • Deals as physical damage to the target.
    • Deals as physical damage. Also, restore Yorick's Health by the same amount.
    • Deals plus as magic damage to the target and .
    • Deals as magic damage. Yorick gains 15% bonus movement speed foward enemies champion, doubled for champions.

    |description2 = Upon taking fatal damage, Yorick's minions rush against closest enemy champion for 5 seconds before disappearing. |description3 = Whenever an champion die near Yorick, it leaves a grave for 20 seconds in the location. Enemies can destroy the grave by …

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  • Benicioneto

    Jax Change

    September 7, 2015 by Benicioneto
    Jax deals bonus magic damage to its target on every 3rd basic attack within seconds.

    |description2 = Each of his basic attack grants him bonus attack speed}} for seconds, stacking up to 10 times for a maximum of bonus attack speed}}. |description3 = Upon reaching maximum stacks or channeling , grants Grandmaster's Might for 5 seconds. |description4 = Jax gains and . |targeting = Grandmaster's Might is a on-hit effect and self-buff on-hit effect. |damagetype = magic |spelleffects = single target |onhiteffects = The bonus damage will be mitigated if , or if Jax is . |spellshield = will block the ability's damage. |additional =

    • Relentless Assault's bonus damage will cause to trigger twice with a single basic attack.
    • Relentless …
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