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Mechanically demanding champions/Quick decision champions

So I'm looking for very mechanically demanding champions. The thrill of playing someone who requires flexibility and skilll to play, such as Orianna and Syndra , rather than someone like Annie, whose main difficulty cap is managing stuns. That being said, I play all three of these champs regardless, but playing Orianna is definitely more rewarding for me.

Along with being mechanically demanding, which champion requires the quickest thinking and reflexes to play? Would it be Elise, or Vayne ?

So, my question is: What champion do you feel is the most mechanically demanding? Which champion(s) requires complete control and dexterity, or which champion requires the most reaction time to play and succeed with?

My list of mechanically demanding/Quick reaction time champions are (In no order whatsoever):

1. Orianna

2. Twitch

3. Lee Sin

4. Vayne

5. Kayle

So yeah. Just comment your choice of champions and stuff. Uh... Okay good night

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