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    I would like to talk about the span of the games. Here we have early game, mid game, and late game and overall. I would talk about my personal opinions about each game and how they would impact.

    Early Game:

    From my opinion, I love early game as I would always take advantage of early game and snowball from it to end the game quickly or force the enemy team to surrender when I capitalize on their mistake and on my opportunity. Champions like , , , etc. They are usually snowballing champions and they do tend to conquer lanes and have the capability to end games rather quickly and it does not matter if they make a slight mistake as they can still comback rather easy during this time. As people who does take advantage of their lead do rather win …

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    I would like to talk about one of my favourite heroes, . He is my secondary main when I came back into the game. I have seen people complain about a lot. So let's talk about .

    is classified as an assassin main, but in my eyes, he is more of a fighter main as assassin is his secondary role. His best role, is most definitely the jungle as he can make use of the bushes, excellent/quick clears and his ganks are pretty solid. He rather the scariest duelist in the game, but however his power in team fights are rather bad as he have to find a way to get to the backline before worrying about the frontline.

    Usually how many people play is to prey on the enemy ranged ADC, like most of the time, which a lot of them hate. Some do not care about their …

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    Item suggestions

    May 25, 2016 by Berryeater

    I have some suggestions about the items that should be implemented or changed. Here are my list of suggestions.


    Doran's blade: no longer gives life steal, instead it heals from dealing physical damage per hit. For melees they heal for 5 for basic attacks and single target abilities, 3 for area of effect abilities and multi-hit abilities (2 from AOE multi-hit). For ranged heals 3 from single target, 2 from area of effect / multi-hit (1 from AOE `multi-hit)

    Doran's ring: No longer gives mana back from killing units, instead it does the same as dorans' blade except it works for mana.

    Cull (along with ancient coin): Ancient coin merged with cull instead. I find cull, right now a very useless item so it should be reworked into a sup…

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    Here is another balance of rework suggestion, part 2. Just before I start, all these are suggestions, if you have any questions regarding to this topic, feel free to ask. Appreciate your time and consideration of this blog and the game.

    Now about the stats I suggest a change to it. Now we all know that it should be based on the roles and what stats they would usually focus on to help out their own champion and their teammates. Now what we can deal with the fact that base stats could use some change. It is split into roles so here is a suggestion, all ranged champions now gain magic resist upon leveling up while all champions gain base ability power. Now here is what we can do for the stats.

    Health: As we know that on all champions, this is t…

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  • Berryeater


    We have a total of 6 roles

    Fighter     Tank          Marksman        Assassin           Mage        Support

    They need to be split up into a play style that is BASED on their roles only.

    The fighter would be the bruiser or just fighter. They have overall rating as it was claimed but they scale into the biggest threat (not true for certain heroes like pantheon). They have great physical combat stats but are weak to magic (as how in general MMORPGs or RPGs fighters would be)

    So they would have the highest overall base AD, but the lowest MR

    These guys would scale off of AD.

    Characters that would just fighters are Aatrox, Warwick, Gangplank, Darius, Pantheon. etc.

    What people need to build on these guys are both offense and d…

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