• Bf0g Tassider

    Hello,Tassider here.This is my first guide yet,so feel free to cticisize,like and comment.

    So let me introduce myself.I play LoL 2 years since season 1.My ingame nick is Domonus on server EUNE and i specialize in playing 3vs3.Today i want to talk about 3vs3 laning tactics.

    1)Three tanks tactic

    In basic,you will pick three at least off-tanky champs.Its best to take early/mid champs to secure AS much kills AS possible to win game to 10 minutes,Then slowly push towers untill you win.This tactic excels against rainbow tactic,which i post right below.

    2) Rainbow tactic

    Basic tactic,you pick one AP carry on top,AD carry and tank on bot.Basicaly you play untill mid/late game to outplay oponents on gold and in 25-35 minutes you will force other team to…

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