Hello,Tassider here.This is my first guide yet,so feel free to cticisize,like and comment.

So let me introduce myself.I play LoL 2 years since season 1.My ingame nick is Domonus on server EUNE and i specialize in playing 3vs3.Today i want to talk about 3vs3 laning tactics.

1)Three tanks tactic

In basic,you will pick three at least off-tanky champs.Its best to take early/mid champs to secure AS much kills AS possible to win game to 10 minutes,Then slowly push towers untill you win.This tactic excels against rainbow tactic,which i post right below.

2) Rainbow tactic

Basic tactic,you pick one AP carry on top,AD carry and tank on bot.Basicaly you play untill mid/late game to outplay oponents on gold and in 25-35 minutes you will force other team to teamfight.Your tank should have good initiation due to fact that If you dont initiate first,the other team will stun you leading in focus of your ADC which will escalate in loss of teamfight.This tactic is basicaly low elo tactic and is easily outplayed by Three tanks tactic,but it is more usable against solo lanes tactic.

3) Solo Lanes tactic

Tactic made by 3vs3 high elo players.Its purpose is to win through gold aquisition and upleveled lanes.In basic you pick one tank on bot,one solo toper(Jax,Riven etc) on top and one jungler.In the end oponent team will be starved because If u are solo lane you gather exp and gold faster( especialy 3vs3) and you will be in hold of both altars because of your jungler.This tactic is excelent against three tanks tactic because it will leave other team to starve on golds and They wont have item They need to tank.It can be outplayed by mobile rainbow tactic and troll tactic,but its very hard to do such.

4) Troll tactic

Basicaly you stack high attack dmg/attack speed champs(master yi) and stack HP on him and in mid game you will buy Atmas to surprise your players.You will end extremely tanky with moderate amount of dmg.

Thats it i hope you like my little guide.If u want to clarify something,write in comment bellow.I Also apologize for bad english,I am tired like hell and it is shame to see such badly corected document from man which holds ELSA 1C certificate.