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  • Bgscurtis

    Hello there fellow wiki user. I know why you are here; because you are interested in some guy's (who has only been playing for a few months and doesn't even have elo #whatanoob!)potential to counter the current meta. I'm well aware that this is the dumbest idea that could possibly have been conceived on a four hour plane journey, so feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated. Please also try it out! I would love to read your stories of this counter-meta playstyle. Now without further waiting, here it is. Right now. Go.

    The lanes go as follows. Rather than 1-1-2 + jungler, it goes 1-3-1. Here's how it rolls.

    Top and bottom lane: Bruisers/Tanks Mid: 2 High utility/support champs + 1 carry

    Reasoning behind this is that (theoretically) it…

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