Hello there fellow wiki user. I know why you are here; because you are interested in some guy's (who has only been playing for a few months and doesn't even have elo #whatanoob!)potential to counter the current meta. I'm well aware that this is the dumbest idea that could possibly have been conceived on a four hour plane journey, so feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated. Please also try it out! I would love to read your stories of this counter-meta playstyle. Now without further waiting, here it is. Right now. Go.

The lanes go as follows. Rather than 1-1-2 + jungler, it goes 1-3-1. Here's how it rolls.

Top and bottom lane: Bruisers/Tanks Mid: 2 High utility/support champs + 1 carry

Reasoning behind this is that (theoretically) it shuts down mid lane while the two side lanes can sustain themselves. Mid lane can be pushed early and the opposing mid laner will be under-farmed. If other lanes require assistance, the two supports can go and help either lane together, or both separately. 


Top: Usual solo top; e.g Darius, Irelia, Olaf, etc. Act as in current meta.

Mid: Champions with heavy CC such as Lux and Orianna, the carry preferably being a bursty AP caster like Brand or Cassiopeia. 

Two support position themselves in such a manner in that they allow the carry to farm minions, but are there to help secure kills for the carry also. They should also place wards for top and bottom lanes to help prevent against ganks from enemy jungler. Ahri would make a good champion for support due to high mobility, burst and a good CC. One or both of these champions should buy Oracle's elixirs to destroy wards used to inevitably counter this method of hiding in the brush. When appropriate/necessary a support may choose to assist the bottom/top lane with kills or protection from aggressive pushing or the enemy jungler. This is where high mobility or long-global range becomes helpful. Teleport will also be a very useful summoner spell for less mobile champions.

The carry should act as they would normally; working on last hitting minions and going for kills when possible. Kills should be achieved more frequently with assistance from the two supports. This will be made easier by having them hiding in the two side brushes. When the carry backs, the two supports will cover the lane for them. The supports will also be required to cover lanes for the top and bottom lanes when they back, so must be wary of when they need/want to leave. This requires the carry to be less aggressive when this occurs. 

Bot: Similar to top lane, although it is recommended that this champion is tankier than top lane. This makes champions with good sustain like Cho'Gath and Dr. Mundo viable in this lane. They would also need good harass, putting Mundo even higher in this category. Flash is a good summoner spell to have in order to escape potential ganks  and dangerous situations. This lane is where the support really need to make an appearance most, as this is the most dangerous lane, being 2 on 1 and very open for ganks from an opposing jungler. It would be very difficult to take on dragon, so it is recommended that it is warded so that the enemy team cannot take it unopposed without the two supports being aware and when any threat is neutralised, take it on whenever possible.

SHORT VERSION: Tanks/bruisers in top and bottom while 3 champions completely shut down mid lane ASAP.

That's what I reckon a counter to the meta can go like. I've got my favourite teddy next to me to help cope with the inevitable trolls telling me how terrible this idea is. For all you cool kids, please tell me what you think. If you can tell the difference between butter and 'I Can't Believe it's not Butter', please include justification for your opinions and improvements for this counter playstyle.

Looking forward to what you guys have to say!