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  • BigBadVoodoo

    Tik'h, The Shadow Shaman is a champion concept for League of Legends . He looks like three yordle champions that moves as one. He is similar to a fetish shaman from Diablo III (in structure), and looks like tiki(lol canc elled champion).

    The three yordles are as follows: Tiwa - the eldest brother. He sits on Iowa's shoulder, and weilds a wand. He is the smartest of the three; Iowa - the second brother. He is the "base": he carries Tiwa on his shoulders, and Koku on a basket he carries on his back. Iowa has a spear and a shield for weaponry. He is the strongest of the three; lastly is Koku - the youngest yet the most agile of the three. He hides in a woven basket that Iowa carries on his back and attacks unsuspecting foes using his blowpipe and…

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