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Why do wards take slots?

As the title says, i wondered and pondered upon the fact that only things that seperates a hyperlategame support lux and normal lux at hyperlategame are boots(maybe), sightstone, morelonomicon/any kage upgrade and Mikael's Crucible. Well, i have a problem with 1 item, sightstone. Should be noted that i love having a sightstone like 85% of time when supporting, but well in hyperlategame it kinda becomes a burden. Team needs wards, ofc, but nobody has slots for them, and pinking wards done to a minimun. 

So i ask you who might read this, why do wards have to take slots? I can think anything negative with having slots 7 and 8 for wards(and nothing but wards)? Improved vision on map at lategame, nothing wrong with that. Plz let supports sell sightstone for a more usefull item. If everybody could buy wards without it costing slots, well would it be better for everybody?

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