Myraad, Aspect of the twilight

Cost: 6300 IP or 975 RP
Attributes : Ranged, Support, Mage
Health 389 (+78) Attack damage 44 (+2.5)
Health regen. 5.1 (+0.57) Attack speed 0.526 (+1.3%)
Shadow Orbs: 3 Armor 11 (+4.4)
Magic res. 20 (+0.9)
Range 620 Mov. speed 315

Myraad is a champion in League of Legends That has been created by the user Bixybixy2/Eno The Insane.

Myraad is played as a supportive caster that can build hard AP, but still feel like a support character instead of an AP Carry. Her kit revolves around her Shadow Orbs, which she has three of when the game starts, and can only have 3 maximum. Shadow Orbs are regenerated by casting abilities, which generate Shadow Shards, and can be used by activating "Dark Empowerment" to supercharge her next ability.

her resource bar is changed. instead of being a 'bar' there are three round slots that are divided into three parts each to hold the Shadow Orbs.


Patch vI.D.G.ADAMN

Shadow Orbs

(Innate): Myraad can hold up to three Shadow Orbs, which are used by casting Dark Empowerment. Whenever Myraad casts a spell that is not Dark Empowerment, or does not consume a Shadow Orb, she generates a Shadow Shard, which permanantly gives her +3(6 at 8, 9 at 16) AP. when she has 3 Shadow Shards, they will automatically form into a Shadow Orb.



Leveling up

Mirror Shield

(Active): Place a shield on a target ally that absorbs damage and reflects physical damage and status effects back to its source. lasts 3.5 seconds. Upon casting, any status effects are reflected back with thier current duration and effect. (Supression causes a stun for that long instead of actually supressing)

(Empowered): Increases the shield by 50% and causes status effects to be reflected back at full strength.

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8

Shield: 90/140/190/240/290 (+0.25 AP)

Status Effect Reflection: 20/40/60/80/100% Duration and effect

Dark Apparation

(Active): Place a dark apparation on a target ally or enemy, the next spell they cast within 5 seconds cause the apparation to go in the direction of the spell cast, dealing magic damage plus a % of all damage and healing the spell would normally do as magic damage to all enemy units it passes through. if the spell cast has no direction, it will go in the direction of Myraad.

(Empowered): The Dark Apparation will travel to Myraad at the end of its range, and will also double the % damage taken from the cast ability. Can not be cast on self.

Range: 600

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10

Magic Damage: 30/50/70/90/110(+0.15AP)

% Taken: 10/20/30/40/50%

Ritual of Displacement

(Active): When placed on the ground, a ritual circle will form. after 3 seconds, all enemy units inside the circle are thrown 250 units out, and all enemy units outside are flung into the center of the circle. for 3 seconds after that, all enemy units inside the circle take magic damage every second.

(Empowered): Arming time is reduced to 1.5 seconds, and the size of both the ring and the area of pulling increases.

Radius: 200 / 300

Radius of pulling: 200-400 / 300-600

Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12

Magic Damage: 20/35/50/65/80(+0.1AP) per second

Dark Empowerment (Given at level 1) When activated, Myraad's next spell cast becomes empowered, gaining additional effects. in addition, Myraad gains an aura that gives nearby allies bonus stats based on the rank of Dark Empowerment whenever she activates it.

Aura: 0/5/10/15 AD, AP, HP5, MP5, and MS. lasts 6 seconds.

Thought Process: Supports nowadays rely on mana, this breaks that. supports always cry about healing being too low, and the rest complain its too high. Fixed that by doing a janna and giving her a shield. I had to find a way to allow her to do a bit of damage like an AP carry would, while giving her the supportive power of a high-teir support character. Thus i came up with Dark Apparation and Ritual of Displacement. Both of these can be thrown onto your enemies to seriously screw up their positioning and behavior, Ritual especially because you can theoretically place thier tanks in the back and thier carries up front. i also wanted her empowerment to be something other than a "Click this to make this do more of what it does" so i decided to slap an all-around small aura on it that you can only get after you rank it to rank 2, at level 6.

To better explain Mirror Shield, when you become affected by a status effect while the shield is up, a dark ball of energy will quickly travel from the shielded target to the source of the status effect and apply the status effect of its own. The shield works weird with supression, as it will instantly break the supress and stun the caster for the duration. this makes it really formidable against those 3 suppression champions, as long as your careful to stay off the shielded target. (Dosent mean it cant be cast on after, though)

I think i specifically like the mechanics of Ritual, its not like some oriana-tossup, it actually will put people in the area, out of the area, and vice versa. A more artsy type targeting ring similar to ziggs will appear around the ritual, showing who will get thrown where. and as for the animation, eight arrows will start from the outside and travel to the middle (faster when empowered) and when they collide, the effect goes off.

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