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    Urf, the Manatee

    April 1, 2014 by BlitzerRyuusei
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    |mana = 175 (+50) |manaregen = (+) |range = 125 (Melee) |damage = (+) |attackspeed = (+%) |armor = 15 (+) |magicresist = 30 (+) |ms = 355 }}

    , the Manatee is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    . }}

    Urf's attacks gain bonus range and deal bonus physical damage.

    |leveling =  % AD}}

    |cooldown = }}

    Urf's attacks, instead of dealing its entire damage immediately on-hit, apply a debuff that deals 5 ticks of physical damage over 2 seconds. Attacking multiple times stacks this debuff up to 2 times. Attacking enemies with the maximum number of stacks only refreshes the duration.

    |leveling =  % AD}}

    % AD}}

    |cooldown = }} | or .

    • The spatula's bonus damage will apply life ste…

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  • BlitzerRyuusei

    | mana = 240 (+60) | manaregen = 7 (+) | range = 525 | damage = 45 (+3) | attackspeed = (+%) | armor = 11 (+) | magicresist = 30 (+0) | speed = 325 }}

    Kiria Kashuld, the Storm of the Blades is a custom champion.

    Kiria is an AD utility mage that focuses on peeling, crowd control, and supporting AD teammates. Her primary role is that of a mid-lane mage, but she can also be played as a support or as a marksman. Since all of her AD ratios are total AD ratios, even the utility scalings, Kiria scales very well with levels.

    . |range = 800 }} | (+). At level 18, she has attack damage. }} }}

    After seconds, Kiria summons a cyclone of swords at target 175-radius area, dealing physical damage and knocking up all enemi…

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  • BlitzerRyuusei

    Humor Tier List

    February 20, 2014 by BlitzerRyuusei

    This tier list is intended to rate and classify champions based on how funny they are. Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, so you are free to disagree with tier placements. Champions are not sorted by humor within tiers, but by alphabetical order, as minor distinctions between jokes that are nearly as funny as each other are impossible to properly determine.

    • God Tier (always funny, all the time)
    • Tier A (has several funny jokes)
      • (If he had a visual update and more quotes, he would easily be God Tier)
    • Tier A/B
    • Tier B (has at least one funny /joke)
      • (Especially )
      • (So bad, they're good)
      • (This is the entire reason why)
      • (It's mostly Valor)
      • (His tier placement rises and falls depending on your familiarity with Arnold Schwarzenegger movies)
      • (You're askin…
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  • BlitzerRyuusei

    • Use this convenient empty template to create champions. NEVER post incomplete champion concepts up on your blog; at the minimum, you should have a full kit, and preferably you should have their stats. If you want to use the template to work on a champion, make a user page.
      • To make a userpage, create a link. For example, User:BlitzerRyuusei/Kiria, the Storm of the Blades.
    • Used to show addition and multiplication symbols: .
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  • BlitzerRyuusei

    |resource = manaless |range = 150 (Melee) |damage = 52 (+) |attackspeed = (+%) |armor = 15 (+4) |magicresist = 30 (+) |ms = 350 }}

    Kronid, the Dragonborn Emperor is a custom champion.

    Kronid's abilities have no cost related to them, and the use of his abilities is only limited by cooldowns. Instead he uses Soul Fragments as his secondary resource. Kronid does not gain points to learn or rank up his abilities as he levels up. (He continues to start with 1 ability point at his first level, or 3 in the Crystal Scar and the Howling Abyss) Instead, whenever he collects 20 Soul Fragments, he consumes them to gain 1 ability point.

    All of Kronid's abilities have 3 ranks.

    If Kronid kills an enemy unit, he absorbs its Sou…

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