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Humor Tier List

This tier list is intended to rate and classify champions based on how funny they are. Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, so you are free to disagree with tier placements. Champions are not sorted by humor within tiers, but by alphabetical order, as minor distinctions between jokes that are nearly as funny as each other are impossible to properly determine.

  • Tier A (has several funny jokes)
    • Lulu Lulu
    • Lux Lux
    • Veigar Veigar (If he had a visual update and more quotes, he would easily be God Tier)
  • Indeterminate
    • Annie Annie (Not sure if funny or just cute)
    • Rammus Rammus (No verbal jokes)
    • Sona Sona (No verbal jokes; the humor of an elegant woman playing electric guitar riffs is up to the reader)

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