• Blorgaronie


    "Ichor's power no longer resides in him, I feel his presence in the blades he carries..." - Lee Sin

    As a boy, Ichor lived life beyond that of others his age. His curse, as some would call it, only grew in presence as he aged, by the time he was 14 years of age, his parents began to doubt he was sane. Life was a nightmare, Ichor saw more than he should, or anyone should. Ichor saw the essence of demonic magics everywhere, in his sleep he felt the sheer power, upon his wakening he saw the being that haunted him. The creature had no form, just pure dark, and it taunted him with its ability to be untouched by his every attempt to seal it out of his mind.

    On the day he had reached 16 years of age, Ichor left his home in search of a way to ri…

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