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  • I live in germany
  • I was born on June 10
  • My occupation is Draven
  • I am Male
  • Bobchen

    Hello fellow summoners,

    Bobchen here with my first Blog including your your opinion on a specific topic.

    The question today is: Which lanes/role in your team do you find the hardest to manage?

    In my opinion, from hard to medium it would be:

    1. Support
    2. Toplane
    3. Jungle
    4. Ranged AD
    5. Midlane

    My reasons for those are the following'jobs' which make the lane/role difficult:


    • You're up against two, so be careful with every step you're doing
    • Dragon control, warding, wardclearing
    • Setting up ganks with your jungler, as it is ahrded to gank a duo-lane
    • Itemisation and budgetcontrol midgame (More wards wor more items)
    • Harass and meatshield (you're there to help out your squishy and help deny the enemy


    • The right mix of harass and farm (low manapool, meelee)
    • Good…

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