Hello fellow summoners,

Bobchen here with my first Blog including your your opinion on a specific topic.

The question today is: Which lanes/role in your team do you find the hardest to manage?

In my opinion, from hard to medium it would be:

  1. Support
  2. Toplane
  3. Jungle
  4. Ranged AD
  5. Midlane

My reasons for those are the following'jobs' which make the lane/role difficult:


  • You're up against two, so be careful with every step you're doing
  • Dragon control, warding, wardclearing
  • Setting up ganks with your jungler, as it is ahrded to gank a duo-lane
  • Itemisation and budgetcontrol midgame (More wards wor more items)
  • Harass and meatshield (you're there to help out your squishy and help deny the enemy


  • The right mix of harass and farm (low manapool, meelee)
  • Good ganks can hurt pretty hard
  • The lane which suffers most from being behind
  • The right itemisation for mid/lategame, as you're most likely the tank/offtank for your team
  • Far away from most skirmishes (Teleport or an offensive spell?)
  • Knowledge about the enemys cooldowns, manacosts, range etc can mean the direction of the lane


  • Planning out ganks
  • Being there when you're needed
  • Low Budget
  • Jungle Control (wards, pressure)
  • Itemisation for the team (auras, good value-for-money items, clearspeed or tankiness?)

Ranged AD

  • Verry money dependant
  • Squishy
  • Relies much on positioning, lifesteal, escape abilities and peel from the own team
  • Mostly simple mechanism, not much potential to really outplay the oponent in a 1vs1


  • Basedmg dependant in the early levels
  • Bad mana management can mean lessen your threat for the enemy
  • A forgotten MIA can easily mean death to an ally
  • Decisions between roaming or farming

That was my opinion. Some champions surely fall out of in some category, but it was just for the general champs going on these lanes.

So what do you think about the topic? What would your order be like?

If i missed something i'd be happy about feedback or some suggestions!