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"Must Have" for Season 3

  • Sightstone item.png Sightstone: Yes, it looks like a support item, but a touch of survivability combined with infinite free wards becomes ridiculous fast, especially with three or more people on team having it. That much vision means that much more of the map under your control. I get it for everyone. Supports should prioritize the upgrade to Ruby Sightstone item.png Ruby Sightstone, while it's late-game luxury for everyone else.
    • By the way: Math-hammer says that you only need to drop 6 wards (8 for Ruby) for the Sightstone to be cost-effective. Seriously, guys, if you're bothering to drop wards in a game and only drop 6, you're slacking off pretty seriously.
  • Teleport.png Teleport + Homeguard item.png Homeguard (esp. with Sightstone item.png Sightstone) An old trick, sure, teleport to your wards, but rapid redeployment has never before had so ridiculous an aid as Homeguard item.png Homeguard is. After 'porting to a ward, you get 8 seconds of enhanced movement speed; if that doesn't get you where you need to be, I guarantee you did not have a faster option.
  • If not Homeguard item.png Homeguard, get Distortion item.png Distortion (unless you're Twisted Fate Twisted Fate or similar, in which case you can get Alacrity item.png Alacrity or Captain item.png Captain because you don't need redeployment / escape summoner spells)
  • With all the Sightstone item.png Sightstones (that should be) running around, at least one team member should have either Vision Ward item.png Vision Wards or Oracle's Elixir item.png Oracle's Elixir (two if the enemy team includes a stealth champion) Counter-measures become more important as the measure being countered grows in use.
  • Ohmwrecker item.png Ohmwrecker: Not an ideal item by stats, sure, but at least one member of every team should get one by 40 minutes in. Stopping a turret dead for a few seconds will save lives and turn tides. If nothing else, it's a fail-safe and a way to end long poke-wars.
  • AD champ? Try Avarice Blade item.png Avarice Blade. The extra gold income gets pretty sweet, even if you already have a Twisted Fate Twisted Fate on team. It only gets sweeter on crit-oriented builds, most famously those centered around Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge.
  • Not the ADC? It's dangerous to go alone, take Sorcery mastery 2013.png Sorcery! Being at the base of the Mastery tree means everyone can take it - and even many right-click-to-win champs want it!
  • Mastermind mastery 2013.png Mastermind: It's a little ridiculous, and being at the tree's second row means you can usually splash for it easily. What makes this really fun is that the bigger and more powerful the summoner spells you take are, the better this gets: 6-second reduction on Smite.png Smite or 30-second reduction on Flash.png Flash.
  • The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver: I know, it got nerfed, boo-hoo. 25% armor shred is still sweet, especially for AD casters. Honestly, I'm of the opinion that there should be at least one on every team. I agree that Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper will be better on the AD Carry, but that doesn't mean that you can just ignore an item this badass.

Feel free to suggest more items, masteries, etc, that are just ridiculously good on everyone in Season 3! Comments? Commendations? Criticisms? Curses? Crits? Well, that's what the comments section below is for!