It seems to me that people just don't understand supporting champions at all. I mean, seriously, if I'm playing as Leona, why am I being complained about when I'm, say, 0/5/12? Or when I'm Taric, and my allies complain that I don't deal damage?

It gets even better when other people complain about supporting champions getting even a meager two kills, especially when, like Nunu, that particular support takes only one or two items to switch to being a major damage-dealer. Apparently, getting kills means that I'm being too greedy and not focusing enough on letting the ADC get kills. In my opinion, "KS" is a compliment meaning "Kill secure."

On a related note, am I the only one around here who actually likes Taric the way he is and thinks that he is in no need of updating at all?

The one thing I hear complained about the most about him is the voice, and that's honestly my favorite part. It's perfectly appropriate: calm, focused, and not over-the-top in any way. He simply talks about what he does without overstating his ability in any serious way, unlike other champions who insist upon their own greatness. (I'm looking at you, Syndra. You're not even overpowered anymore, you cocky little bitch.)

Taric's kit is very effective as a supporting champion, as everything that he does helps those around him at least as much as it helps himself. Yes, he gets higher armor, AD, and AP from his abilities than those in aura range, but those auras are so critical to him that he doesn't work well alone. If you understand his healing move in terms of total healing, it heals for roughly 160% of its normal healing amount when it targets an ally. Between the stun, the armor, and the heal, Taric is a great guy to have around, especially when team fights go badly - stun a choice opponent, heal the ally in most danger, and stay towards the enemy because that's a decently tanky support.