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  • Bouseherb

    First StrikeWhen Dark Templar is out of combat for 10(level 1), 8(level 9), 5(level 16) seconds he gains a buff called First Strike, Dark Templar's next attack or offensive spell hits a enemy it will deal bonus magic damage. 20+(level*5) Eclipse StrikeThe Dark Templar blinks into behind and in attack range of target enemy, if the target is a monster or minion the target is feared for 2 seconds, if the target is a enemy champion it fears the target for 1 second and dealing 100/150/200/250/300+(+60% bonus AD) Cooldown 18/16/14/12/10 Mana cost 60 Range 800 Blade of ShakurusPassive:Dark Templar bonus AD is incresed by a percentage. 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%

    Active:Dark Templar's AA deal 50/60/70/80/90+(+100% total AD) bonus damage for 8 seconds. Also duri…

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  • Bouseherb

    Hello my friends, once again tis I Bouseherb with another exciting blog post.(hopefully this one won't get deleted again for some odd reason;) I am here to announce an idea of mine that has been going through my head for awhile now. I am here to brief you on my idea and it is your job as a community to tell me what you think of it.

    I call this wonderfull idea,(pause for effect) My thoughts about, ! Okay, its not the best of names but, I never said I was good at them in the first place.(besides usernames) Basiclly, it will be a series about me sharing my thoughts, and experiances with a spacific champion or item, and varous things about it. How this will work first I will start with just a champion, play a certain number of games with said c…

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  • Bouseherb

    Good morning my friends. I am pleased to announce that I will finally be level 30 soon. So, I demand a celebration! So, I declare that this blog shall be the party. If you wish to join in the party simply post a comment. There will be Soda, Dr. Pepper, Brownies with no nuts, Cake with no iceing, Lots of bread thats baked to perfection with butter, wine, cheese, Bananans, public computers with League on them, bathrooms, plenty of shrooms profided by Teemo, and plenty of music! Please everyone enjoy the party!

    Also, do I have to many friends if I have over 80 friends on League? What can I say the people love me. Another note, How is Renekton jungle?

    That shall be all of my questions for now my good fellows. Now we feast! 

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  • Bouseherb

    What about Karma?

    March 18, 2013 by Bouseherb

    I would like to what you guys think about Karma's rework that is coming out. I personally have never played Karma and will most likely never play her. My favorite part about her rework is most likely the fact she will be put back on the free champion rotation. But, enough about what I think (No one cares about that) what do you guys think?

    Also, I just came up with this, I would like to know what you guys think about it. What if we had some sort of competition, or tournament for the wikia in League of Legends?

    That is all my friends good day.

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  • Bouseherb

    It would build out of the Kindlegem, 2x Long sword, and Amplyafing tome.

    It will grant 300 health, 50 AD, 50 AP, and 10% cooldown reduction.

    Considering the 10 ad, ap leap, and the 100 health leap the combine cost would have to be fairly high.(around 600)

    I intended it to be a cheap early AD, AP, and HP item.

    Whatca think?

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