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Bouseherb December 19, 2012 User blog:Bouseherb

Yes, this is the reasoning behind the blog to create this team to have a good laugh and fun. Message me to join. These are the requirements.

Atleast level 22

NA server

You must own atleast one of these champs prefered more then one:

Top: Sion, Rumble, and Urgot

Mid: Swain, Xerath, and Heimerdinger

Adc: Sivir, Twitch, and Varus

Jungle: Trundle, Volibear, and Sejuani

Support: Karma, Galio, and Zilean

(I own Rumble, Xerath, Volibear, and Zilean)

Skype is recommended but not requiredYou must act gentlemanly way which means curseing to a small amount, have a good since of humor, not to rage, and be ungentlemanly like. Yet again I must say to Message me with intent to join I will fill you in with the rest of the infomation there. Good day till then. Oh yes one more thing, the event will be (If I get it working) live streamed I will reveal the details when the time is closer. I bid you adue.

Also any question ask in the comments.

6 to go.

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