• Brabroke

    Urf - The fallen manatee now walk the earth once more after the necromanic revival.


    Urf were once murdered on the rift and became the very earth of the Field of Justice. With the essence of battle that soaks into the ground, Urf tasted every single drop of blood, tear, and the magic of every champions of the league. With his ghost fuled with vengence and hatred, Urf is desperate to return to the rift and release his wrath.

    The day has come. When Urf opened his eye. His ghost and body were recombined. However, no longer the same Urf. Once with the blessed of the gentle sea; now an abomination of the earth, corrupted magic and the essience of the dead run through his veins. Urf know well the the monster he has become; and its power. Final…

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