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    Hi. I'm Braineel. Like many others; I play League of Legends. Like many others; I like to theorycraft new champions. Like many others; I have no imagination or sense of game balance. You, like many others, like to read things that other people post, and tell them all about how it is "FAKE AND GAY", and "GARBAGE". Now that we know each other, I move on to why I posted this, and what it is.

    As you've probably guessed by now, this is a champion concept. I don't know why I make them, and I probably never will. It's fun, I suppose. I just want some help balancing the kinks out of this concept; I know it's unbalanced and unfair, and I want to make it not so. I don't know why. That's also fun, I suppose. As an intro to this champion, he is intended…

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