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  • Braumissomanly

    Just a normal game of league of legends, only difference is that every single champion, item etc. were all brought back to a state before the nerfs, changes etc and the items that were deleted were all brought back.

    The map can be the currently updated summoners rift or the crystal scar, twisted treeline, howling abyss or the maps before they were all visually upgraded.

    All of this in one special game mode just for the hell of it.

    Don't you sometimes wish you could play AP YI, Release Darius, Draven, Jax, Xin zhao etc just that one last time?

    Don't you miss force of nature, heart of gold, philosophers stone that you used to have in those item slots?

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  • Braumissomanly

    Tanks...tanks everywhere, will league of legends ever find true balance?

    As I think we all do know (I think we all know) Lately the current meta has turned into a tank festival, we have top laners taking smite top lane just to purchase the one item that caused this mess, thats right, This item is currently the most troubling item in the game. With its recent release, tanks have had their power sky rocket to the point where they are overpowered. Now the champion itself isn't overpowered, This tank meta is horrible simply because no one wants to vs teams which are pretty much unkillable and make fights last so long.

    Recently, even top laners are taking smite just because of this item. or Is basically what mostly every jungler is doing. Jun…

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  • Braumissomanly

    Hello everyone, its been a while since I have done a blog post, because well, I didn't really have anything to talk about.

    Anyway, to the point. I am currently purchasing a new Computer so I can play league of legends and do many others things at a fast and steady speed. Although I don't really know much about computers. So I was wondering, On a price range of $1000-$2000 what would be a computer that is fast, can run league at about 60-90fps and can run other games like Civ 5 etc.

    Normally, My brother would build a computer but this time he cannot. Reason being is because the money I am getting for this computer is from an insurance company that is telling us exactly where we have to buy the computer from. The money that I shall attain is $…

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  • Braumissomanly

    So lately, most of the champions that have been reworked so far have had percentage damage added to their abilities, so why? I don't see how it is healthy to the gameplay to add percentage damage all over the place and expect it to be normal.

    First things first, the champion that seems to rule over all percentage damage is Vayne, but then again that is Vayne she is an ad carry who is met to deal tons of damage to tons of enemies.

    Then we go to nidalee and gragas. Why would you add so much percentage damage to these champions? nidalee can deal 20% of current hp with only a trap, and gragas can deal 12% of your maximum hp with just pressing w. It feels like warmogs armour is just be targeted and slowly taken out of the meta. Every match at lea…

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  • Braumissomanly

    I have been playing league for a while and i have encountered some "issues" you could say for some items that could use a nerf as they well just give either to much tankiness, to much damage (tri force exception can not let the tons of danage fade away) or just way supportive.

    pretty basic item 3000 gold for 500 hp, 70 armour attack speed reduction slow, a active slow which scales with mr and armour.

    But now heres the weird part this item is 3000 gold, it is basically a giants belt and a wardens mail as the key items altogether those two items cost 2000 and give 380hp, 50 armour and a passive attack speed slow. Now then for that extra 1000 gold needed to spend u get 120 hp, 20 armour and an active aoe slow which lasts a pretty long amount of…

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