Tanks...tanks everywhere, will league of legends ever find true balance?

As I think we all do know (I think we all know) Lately the current meta has turned into a tank festival, we have top laners taking smite top lane just to purchase the one item that caused this mess, thats right, Juggernaut item Cinderhulk This item is currently the most troubling item in the game. With its recent release, tanks have had their power sky rocket to the point where they are overpowered. Now the champion itself isn't overpowered, Juggernaut item This monster is whats overpowered This tank meta is horrible simply because no one wants to vs teams which are pretty much unkillable and make fights last so long.

Recently, even top laners are taking smite just because of this item. Juggernaut item Red smite or Juggernaut item Purple Smite Is basically what mostly every jungler is doing. Junglers like Udyr and Lee sin are seen even picking the item up.

So what is the issue you may ask?

The scaling power of this item and cost efficiency is off the charts.

The Item gives 350 Health, 25% more bonus health and a passive that does aoe magic damage that ramps up depending on time in combat (and boy oh boy do tanks spend a while in combat)

Now the reason the item is so cost efficient and scales so well is because late game it probably gives about 1000+ hp and a passive burn damage that can ramp up to a total of 24+(1.5x champion level) which is 51 maximum aoe damage. This item only costs 2250 gold.

So what is it that really needs nerfing on this item? The base heath? price? aoe damage? Or the %Bonus health?