Alright now I will describe the lanes of League of Legends according to YOUR life.

First, you start off like the AD carry. You are a baby, you get "supported" by your support (parents, caregiver etc.) and you don't have much to worry about except farming minions. (or eating, sleeping, whatever).

THEN, you grow up to your teen years. You are like a mid laner. You are more independant by yourself, and can "roam" around with friends and such. But mid lane is closest to base and the safest lane due to the turret being closer. This is means you are still close to "home" or maybe still living with your parents although you are more independant. 

NEXT, you grow up a bit and are like the jungler. You are in your 20's probably, living on your own and have to sustain yourself and minions don't come to you. You have to go around looking for a job (for ganks) and you can be successful or not.  It is a hard time of your life, everyone blames you.

Of course, you eventually overcome this phase of life and become in your 30's or 40's and start a family. You are the support now. You will have kids to provide for (ADC) and must help them to grow up and be strong!!! Those kids will probably ask for all your money, so you won't have much left. (Only enough for wards)

FINALLY, when you grow old, age 60+. You are the top laner. You sit there, away from the busy world with not much to think of apart from killing minions and those few ganks. You can be there in peace and free farm during your retirement, stress-free! (With proper warding of course)