• Busecatu

    Hello. I'd like to point out why, in my humble opinion, the current Ranked Games Divisions and League system is broken and not reflecting the actual players' skills.I'd much appreciate your feedbacks, since i know i may make some mistakes (i talk on my personal and my friends' experience) and i won't have any problem admitting i was wrong, if someone would point me out the things are different from what i believe.

    To start, let's consider this situation: 20 ranked games played, 10 games won and 10 lost.

    • 1st Scenario: one wins 10 games in a row, then he loses the rest of the matches. With the first 10 qualifying games won, one could be put in Gold Division 2 or 3 (i have a friend in Gold 3 after 8/10 games won). After the 10 losses streak, …

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