• Byakko-Shiron

    Feikorin, the Edge of Desolation is manaless short range champion that excel at disrupting single enemy and dealing very high damage with basic attack, he relys on using 1 disruption, either Blind or Silence, and use his other skill to lock down enemy in place and deal very high damage with his basic attack. While having high cooldown, Feikorin's skills can be used multiple times within few seconds. He can choose to burst out his damage within few seconds, or use the low damage to deal constant damage to enemy for long time. He has 2 type of single crowd control that he can choose to either Blind or Silence his enemy, or wait for them to get Stun, Snare or Slow.

    Range: 300
    Movement speed: 310
    Health 398 (+82)
    Health regen. 7 (+0.5)
    Attack damag…

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  • Byakko-Shiron

    My friend make this champion on warcraft 3 map, she's all about blind and silence enemy, she's the inspiration for me to make this champion.


    The putrid blade

    range champion

    Innate - Black Arrow

    Basic attack silence target for 1.5 seconds every 7 seconds, cooldown reduce by basic attack and spell cast.

    Q - Kiss of decay

    Silence and blind target for 1 second, deal damage if target has blind or silence, stun it for 1 second if target has both blind and silence. Low cooldown and short range.

    W - Voidshift Cloak

    Passive: Cerevich ignore unit collision and get bonus magic resist.

    Active: Cerevich move faster for 3 seconds, at the end of effect, blind all enemy in the area around Cerevich and heal Cerevich for each enemy in area. Cooldown reduce e…

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